Diddy is a man that keeps his word. The hip hop mogul surprised kids battling cancer today (Feb. 20) on “The Ellen Show.”

Eight members of the non-profit Fight All Monsters, a support group for kids battling different forms of cancer, joined Ellen DeGeneres after a video went viral of them dancing to Diddy’s “Bad Boys For Life.”

One of the children told DeGeneres that they chose the song “because the lyrics connect with us. In the song, it’s ‘we survive what we’ve been through,’ and ‘we’re all battling cancer and we ain’t going anywhere!’” he added, as the audience gave a round of applause.

DeGeneres said that the video caught the attention of both her and Diddy, but she said that he would not be able to make it to the show because he was on tour.

“I’m so bummed I can’t be there with y’all today,” Diddy said in a clip. “I promise we’re going to be dancing together one day soon. I love you guys.”

DeGeneres then told the kids she “got the dates wrong” before asking for Diddy to come out from backstage. Diddy danced his way over to the surprised and excited kids. They all danced their way to the couch.

”Thank you guys so much for reaching out to me,” Diddy said. “I was so touched, just so touched, that this song that’s helped me get through a lot of trials and tribulations is fueling you guys to know the power that you have in yourself to believe that we ain’t going nowhere.”

Back in January, Diddy responded to the kids’ viral video.

“WOW! I’M SO INSPIRED BY THIS,” Diddy wrote on Instagram on Jan. 23. “These kids are so strong and I’m humbled they’ve found strength in one of my songs. They are fearless and motivating me like nothing before.⁣”

“And of course I’ll dance with all of you! Every time I’m feeling my energy shift I get up and dance. Keeps my vibrations high!” his post continued. “⁣⁣I’ll dance with y’all everyday! Never stop believing… and remember WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE!!!!”

Take a look at Diddy surprising the kids below.