Lil Baby’s time is steadily approaching. After already delivering last year’s hit singles “Out The Mud” and “Woah,” the Quality Control rapper brings more heat from his forthcoming follow-up to 2018’s Harder Than Ever, My Turn.

Titled “Sum 2 Prove,” Lil Baby and his label show that they’re delivering the best from Atlanta right now…the track sees Baby rapping about how, even with his newfound wealth, life is still very real for him and his family:

“Know this money bring envy, you probably wan’ be me, but bro, we can’t beef ‘bout no small s***/

Overseas, got the crowd doin’ moshpits/

Can’t believe that I’m still in the ‘partments/

Businessman, went and got me an office/

Million dollar deals, I get ‘em often/

Me and Dolla was servin’ on Sparks Street/

Hot lil’ jit, he gon’ stay with the chopstick/

I got robbed, that shit made me a monster/

Eviction notice, my sister, my mamas/

Now they houses as big as they want ‘em…/”

The accompanying video — directed by Jon J. — starts with Lil Baby on the grind after revealing that he’s soon to be evicted before ending with buying a new house for his mother. Like his lyrics, the clip is straight to the point, and successfully adds to Baby’s inspirational rags-to-riches story.

Lil Baby has shown his top-level ability to create timeless classics out the gate, from his initial mixtape Perfect Timing to his aforementioned debut. From a lyrical standpoint, he’s managed to hold his own effortlessly alongside the likes of Drake, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and Travis Scott. Simply put, Lil Baby isn’t planning on being pushed off out of the business any time soon.

Press play on “Sum 2 Prove” below…My Turn is set to make landfall February 28th (pre-order here). Between Lil Baby, Migos, Cardi B and the rest of their roster, Coach K and Pee’s Quality Control imprint should have no problem maintaining their success in the new decade.