Diddy was all love in the midst of paparazzi earlier this week when he told DaBaby, who was also posing for pictures, that he’s the hottest rapper in the world right now.

“You the hottest ni**a in the game, you know what I’m saying?” he said to the Charlotte artist while shaking his hand. The rest of the conversation is drowned out by nearby chatter, but DaBaby can be seen smiling and looking appreciative of the mega compliment.

DaBaby had also had two shoutouts—of sorts—by another genre leader, Drake. The 6 God surprised DaBaby’s Toronto audience earlier this year by hopping stage during his show, an opportunity he also used to compliment the up-and-comer.

“2018, 2017, I used to watch you rep your city,” Drake told DaBaby. “I used to watch you love your city. And look, we don’t say this to each other enough as rappers but I wanna say congratulations. You killing this sh*t.”

Then, on New Year’s Eve, Drake finished up a party toast by playing DaBaby’s “Bop.”

The hefty compliments are nothing new to DaBaby, though, who has touted himself as the best rapper alive since the very start. The rapper recently shared a throwback interview with Houston’s 93.7 The Beat from last January, where he predicted his 2019 rise.

“It’s the takeover, I promise you,” he said. “It’s already cocked back and loaded, we just need to pull the trigger. And that’s what we doing, and we ain’t gonna stop.”

“In 2019… By the time the ball drop, I guarantee you, I’ll be the hottest artist on the planet,” he continued. “I already am.”

That’s not to say DaBaby hasn’t recognized his forefather GOATS, because he has—most recently Lil Wayne. However, the North Carolina spitter’s confidence has become one of his most defining qualities.

Check out his interaction with Diddy below.