Tanner Adell is a star on the rise, defying outdated beliefs that Black artists don’t belong in the country genre. Along with countless other talents, Adell is proving the naysayers wrong – one hit at a time.
With a musical journey as diverse as her upbringing, Adell appeals to a wide range of listeners. After all, being raised in the most country and most glamorous environment is bound to have an impact on an artist’s delivery and style.

Behind Adell’s powerful lyrics about body positivity and her dynamic stage presence lies a story of humbling life experiences and breakthrough moments. While many might have folded under the pressure, Adell has used her past to chart her path forward.

As she continues to thrive in the industry, her story serves as an inspiration to thousands, cementing her place in history early on.

Below, you’ll find some fascinating facts about the glam country artist.

1. She was born in Lexington, KY, but adopted and raised in California

When she was barely a day old, Adell was taken from Kentucky to Manhattan Beach, California by her adoptive parents, she revealed. Being mixed with Black and white, her adoptive white parents made sure she knew her history and often discussed racism with her. “My dad has really protected me and made sure that I was aware that there might be some prejudice against me,” Adell told Teen Vogue.

2. She attended Utah Valley University

Determined to pursue her passion, Adell applied for UVU’s Commercial Music Program and got accepted. This experience played a pivotal role in the artist’s career, as she gained confidence and tools to sharpen her skills as a musician. “I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I had because of UVU,” she told the school. “I hope as the university grows that the art program grows with it.

3. The star used to be exceptionally shy

Despite the confidence Adell has garnered over the years, the start to her musical career was clouded with timidity. She recalled being very nervous when singing – even in front of family members in her home. “I would clam up, fall silent, and stare at them until they left my room,” she told her alma mater. In fact, her parents didn’t hear her sing to her full ability until she joined the music program in college.

In March 2024, Yoncé released Cowboy Carter, a 27-song project that utilized country sounds and artists alike. Adell, who was independent at the time, sang alongside Bey on “BLACKBIIRD,” a cover of The Beatles’ “Blackbird,” which was released in 1968. When explaining to Today how the collaboration came about, Adell said the day Beyoncé announced her album during the 2024 Super Bowl, she courageously pitched herself via Twitter. “I was just fingers crossed, you know, ‘Oh, maybe this could be an opportunity for me to work with Beyoncé,’” she shared with the news outlet.

5. Spending a lot of time in Wyoming grew her love for country music

Adell’s adoptive mom was born in Star Valley, Wyoming, according to Flaunt, so during the summers, she spent the majority of her time relishing the country environment. “I was out with my grandpa on the John Deere, mowing the lawns, fixing the fences, tearing down beaver dams, and shoveling horse [expletive],” she told Teen Vogue. The Cowboy State not only influenced her sound, but her work ethic and style.

6. Riding culture is a part of her life

Adell told PAPER Magazine that she grew up around horses because her mother rode them all over the world. The singer hopes to incorporate this activity into her musical career by wearing her mother's ribbons in her outfits and hair during performances.

7. She is signed to Love Renaissance

In 2022, Adell signed with Columbia Records, but ultimately decided to leave the label, telling Variety the company gave her “a little bit of PTSD.” Fast forward to June 2024, after being an independent artist for over a year, Adell signed with Love Renaissance. The Atlanta-based record label has signed artists such as 6LACK, Summer Walker, and DVSN. “When I walked into LVRN,” Adell told Variety, “I already felt surrounded by people who were on my side, people who want to see me succeed.”

8. She grew up in a religious household

While a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Adell’s father used to sign her up to sing at church. But being pressured by her dad wasn’t the only thing she had to deal with as a church girl. “I was raised in an extremely strict religious household,” the artist told Variety. “What I wore was monitored and I had to wear certain clothing.”

9. She learned piano and taught herself to play guitar

As reported by The Tennessean, Adell took formal piano training, then taught herself to play guitar. Using the string instrument and her iPhone, she created a mixtape of 10 to 12 inspiring songs to send to religious missionaries.

10. She is a Cancer

Born June 27, Adell’s diligence may be attributed to her being a triple Cancer, as the zodiac is known for being hardworking and reliable. But it’s also a water sign, and Adell isn’t one to shy away from her feelings. During the interview with Teen Vogue, she told the publication, “I cry a lot. I love crying. And it's not just angry or sad crying. I'm just really sensitive, even to music. It could be someone who I've never heard of before. Watching them perform makes me emotional just because it's somebody sharing their gift."

11. One of her hobbies is roller skating

Adell loves gliding on skates through the wind and listening to some of her favorite tunes. She has posted herself doing the activity several times on her TikTok account. The singer puts on her pink roller skates and thick knee pads and basks in the moment.

12. She does therapy to overcome anxiety

To help her cope with performing live, Adell practices eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, better known as EMDR. Psychotherapy treatment uses eye movements to ease the stress linked to traumatic memories. “The therapy technique focuses on putting all my anxiety into a box and pushing it down the river,” Adell told Teen Vogue.

13. She is fluent in Swedish

During her younger years, Adell used to serve in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. As reported by The Tennessean, she taught youthful Swedes about the virtues of Jesus Christ and picked up the language along the way.

14. Her tattoos celebrate her memories

While chatting with Elle, Adell revealed the reasoning behind the assortment of tats she has. She, along with Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, and Reyna Roberts (all the ladies featured on “BLACKBIIRD”), decided to get matching tattoos to relish the moment. “The girls wanted to do a video of us singing the song, and I was like, ‘Or we could go get tattoos,’” said Adell. She also has a tattoo in memory of her dog, Lola, passing away. Additionally, the day after ending a two-year relationship, she got nine tattoos in one day – then eight the day after. “Maybe it’s unhealthy, but I need the pain,” she said.

15. Her birth father was a rapper in the ‘90s

While talking with BET, Adell revealed that she eventually was able to meet her birth father. She described him as being “a rapper in the ‘90s in Atlanta.” That explained her use of the genre throughout her music. However, Adell never got to meet her birth mother, she told Into The Gloss. “I never got to meet my birth mother, but she was a natural blonde and having the same shade of hair keeps her close to me. It feels like protection.”