NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concerts” series is hailed as one of the most popular stages for live sets across the internet. Artists of various genres and backgrounds have been able to give intimate experiences to fans for the past 16 years after initially launching in 2008.

Usually featuring a live studio audience and harmonic background singers, it’s safe to say that fans keep coming back to be up close and personal with some of their favorite artists. While many have had the privilege of gracing the “Tiny Desk” stage, the following sets have gone down as the most memorable and impactful for fans across the country.

1. Big Sean

As one of the latest rappers to premiere on “Tiny Desk,” Big Sean made it a point to reconnect with fans during his setlist. As an ode to Detroit’s J Dilla, Big Sean brought his hometown flavor by wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. Songs ranging from “I Don’t F**k With You” to “All Me” filled the air as those in the audience sang along.

2. Mac Miller

Hardcore Mac Miller fans love his “Tiny Desk” set to this day. Miller was boisterous and melodic as he performed some of his most notable songs. It was also his first time doing offerings from his album Swimming. He was able to showcase his talent through soulful renditions of the tracks while leaving fans with a lasting impression after seeing his artistry firsthand.

3. Wale

As an ode to DMV culture, Wale highlighted notable hits from his catalog. With songs like “Lotus Flower Bomb,” “Love Hate Thing” and “On Chill” performed, fans were met with a blast from the past. The band accompaniment allowed for Wale’s blend of poetry and lyricism to pull listeners in for a versatile musical experience.

4. T.I.

As one of Atlanta’s most impactful rappers, T.I. provided a nostalgic performance. He brought his Southern roots and opened with “Rubber Band Man” from his 2003 album, Trap Muzik. From there, he proceeded to perform other classic hits such as “What You Know” and “Live Your Life.” Reflective on his career accomplishments, T.I. left audience members with a better sense of not only where he’s been but where he’s going.

5. Jeezy

Evoking inspiration in a room full of HBCU students, Jeezy made it a point to emphasize “standing on business” as the youth listened to his “Tiny Desk” performance. He opened the concert with “Standing Ovation” and closed the set with “Everythang.” The storytelling elements aligned smoothly with his lyrics; fans and students alike were able to resonate with the music.

6. Trina

As one of the few female rappers to have their own “Tiny Desk” concert, Trina made sure to bring her Miami vibes to the mic and not hold back in her delivery. Clarity, projection and vibrancy filled the room as she performed. In a special moment, the emcee addressed the loss of her mother via a tribute in her song “Mama.” This heartfelt moment was soon met with excitement and Trina’s signature dominant aura. The songs she performed included “Da Baddest B**ch,” “Nann,” “Single Again” and “Here We Go.”

7. Anderson .Paak

In 2016, Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals took the “Tiny Desk” audience by storm. Known as a multihyphenate musician, Anderson made it a point to not only sing during his concert but also rap, play drums and the piano -- all within the span of just 15 minutes. The setlist included songs like “Heart Don’t Stand A Chance,” “Come Down” and even “Suede.” He also returned with another “Tiny Desk” performance in 2020 alongside The Free Nationals, Chronixx and India Shawn.

8. Juvenile

New Orleans’ very own Juvenile graced the “Tiny Desk” stage in 2023 with a vibe like no other. The rap icon’s show reminded fans he still has the same fire after all these years. Reaching back into his catalog, Juvenile performed songs like “Set It Off,” “Back That Azz Up” and “Slow Motion” with longtime collaborator Mannie Fresh. The performance presently sits at over 7 million views on YouTube.

9. Rick Ross

The early 2010s have Rick Ross to thank for some of its greatest hits, and his “Tiny Desk” performance proved just that. In the midst of the pandemic, Ross was able to remind viewers of his lyrical skills right from the comfort of his own home. Fans were especially impressed with the band and background singers who amplified many of Ross’ greatest hits, including “Aston Martin Music” and “F**kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.”

10. Post Malone

Post Malone brought his acoustic groove to “Tiny Desk” in 2023. After playing alongside the band with his own guitar, he opened his performance with “Sunflower.” The band encompassed an assortment of singers of all backgrounds along with violins, guitars, drums, piano and a cello for a more sensual feel. Malone evoked his joyous persona throughout his set, and each song depicted specified emotions. Though the beloved artist raps and sings, in this concert, he solely stuck to showing off his vocal prowess.

11. Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator made his way to the “Tiny Desk” stage in 2017 after the release of his album Flower Boy. The most notable part of the concert was fans highlighting their enjoyment of the background singers, Kaye Fox and Kiandra Richardson. Not only did there seem to be chemistry between them and Tyler musically, but their voices resonated with the audience. Tyler performed “Boredom,” “Glitter” and “See You Again” along with creative freestyles that the audience joined in on. It was Tyler’s first-ever set on NPR’s “Tiny Desk” and the brand’s first nighttime performance, which made it even more exciting for fans.

12. Tobe Nwigwe

Opening with his song “Houston Tribute,” Tobe Nwigwe showed up with some of his personal team to bring the set to life. With clever wordplay and storytelling, fans were immersed in positive vibrations. It was even more special to see the song selections that allowed members of his team to get a chance to shine and show their skillsets to the audience as well.

13. Migos

Migos emerged on the “Tiny Desk” stage in 2021 after the release of Culture III. The trio performed an at-home concert and ensured that their dynamic energy was felt by listeners. While trap music and Hip Hop were the group’s usual pedigree, the performance took a different approach to their music catalog. The stripped-down setup allowed for their energy and infamous flows with catchy hooks to be felt in a new way.

14. Megan Thee Stallion

Our favorite Hot Girl took to the “Tiny Desk” stage after the release of her Fever mixtape. Megan Thee Stallion performed songs like “Cash S**t” and “Freak Nasty” with Brooklyn band Phony Ppl accompanying her. During the set, she even debuted her song “F**king Around.” Throughout, Megan made it a point to bring her Texas energy and fun-loving bravado to the show.

15. Big Boi

Big Boi and his crew brought big energy during his “Tiny Desk” concert while sporting coordinated hoodies. The Atlanta artist played on the renowned Waffle House logo with “Trap House” written across everyone’s chests. As an especially nice touch, there were trumpet players who also brought their Southern flair to the performance. As half of the iconic Hip Hop duo OutKast, it was only right that he performed songs like “So Fresh, So Clean” and “The Way You Move” for old time’s sake. He also did “All Night” from his solo album Boomiverse.