Trina is ready to join the author’s club with the announcement that she has penned her first book — a memoir appropriately titled “Da Baddest.”

She shared an image of the book cover on Instagram, where she wrote, “It’s time to tell my story” in the caption. Pre-orders have already begun ahead of the Oct. 8 publishing date. People obtained an exclusive peek at the foreword that was penned by the rapper’s longtime friend and collaborator, Missy Elliott.

“Trina always understands the assignment. She knows how to adapt to evolving sounds, generations and trends without losing the core of who she is as an artist,” wrote Elliott. Publishing house Simon & Schuster said in a press release that “this evocative look into Trina’s upbringing and life as a rap icon proves why she is the blueprint, how she helped pave the way for the future of female rappers and Hip Hop artists, and why no one but her can hold the title of ‘The Baddest B**ch.’”

Coming in at 208 pages, the book promises to shed light on how the Miami-based rap icon rose to stardom and permanently left her mark on the genre. Her 20-plus years in the industry were celebrated in 2022 when she was presented with the BET I Am Hip Hop Award. "It's just been a journey to go back and think about all the years and now to be here, getting this award, I mean, I'm still like in awe at the moment,” she told “Entertainment Tonight” ahead of accepting the honor on stage at the network’s annual awards ceremony. The Still Da Baddest artist made her debut in 2000 and has released six studio albums.

With the memoir’s release, Trina will join the ranks of Hip Hop statesmen like 50 Cent, Fat Joe and Rick Ross, who have each penned books. Fellow female emcee Lil’ Kim is also in the process of carrying her long-awaited account of her life and career, “The Queen Bee,” across the finish line. Last fall, she told fans that the writing process was complete as she revealed that she had encountered some hurdles in the publishing process. Still, she boldly declared, “When we post our presales, we be surpassing the Bible, and that’s crazy.”

Detroit’s own Big Sean also recently announced that his first book, “Go Higher,” is due out in October. From wax to the books on shelves, Hip Hop’s finest are making sure their stories are reaching the masses.