Missy Elliott is a groundbreaking singer, rapper, producer and songwriter, who also happens to be a style icon! Alongside her expansive music catalog, she’s been able to create iconic music video looks that almost rival the grandiosity and complexity of her discography. From her gravity-defying inflated black bodysuit to her toy costumes and bold, daring beauty, Elliott has never shied away from pulling off a look. Throughout her career, she’s consistently elevated the fashion landscape for women in Hip Hop, creating new trends while always embracing individuality.

Let's get into 14 of Elliott’s most iconic music video looks below!

1. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

The video for "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) features one of Missy Elliott's most recognizable outfits. She accessorized the famous black blow-up jumpsuit — reminiscent of a black garbage bag — with matching shoes, gloves, and a glitter-covered helmet and sunglasses concoction. Aside from her attire, Elliott debuted a bold moment that included bright red lips and finger waves. Her ahead-of-the-curve fashions were most certainly on display in this visual, thanks to the aid of legendary stylist June Ambrose.

2. Sock It 2 Me featuring Da Brat

Directed by the legendary Hype Williams, the iconic “Sock It 2 Me” video took place beyond planet Earth in a realm where only Elliott’s creativity could go! The polymath wore an iconic red and white toy suit with “M” emblazoned across the chest that evocated Astro Boy. Who else could take a kid's franchise and make it fashionable the way that Elliott and Lil’ Kim did?

3. Work It

In this classic video, the Virginia native continued to build on her storied collaboration with Adidas. She wore multiple custom looks from the brand, including a baby blue sweatsuit, matching Kangol hat and black sweatsuit. Plus, her custom Aaliyah shearling jacket can't go without a shout-out.

4. Hot Boyz

The “Hot Boyz” visual was a quintessential 2000s Hip Hop video that had the high glamour yet ghetto Fabolous looks to match. Elliott debuted a more feminine ensemble in this visual. She wore multiple fur coats, a bedazzled tracksuit and even sported glamorous hair and makeup that contrasted the set's gritty backdrops.

5. Lose Control featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop

"Top Model Diva, but her name not Eva!” The Hip Hop icon took viewers to the desert wearing her version of a prairie-style look — a white top, flowy white skirt and cowboy boots. Full of costume changes, this video showed Elliott sporting a custom Adidas cobalt blue two-piece for a group dance before branching off to a solo limb-stretching scene wearing a cut-out wife beater and denim shorts. For her last look, the music industry giant flaunted a slimmed-down figure and short brown bob.

6. Get Ur Freak On

Against the backdrop of bold graphics and distorted realities — which were becoming a calling card for Elliott’s videos — the rapper wore a trio of bedazzled looks including denim, camouflage, and white leather sets. She accessorized with diamond hoop earrings, rings and a short pixie cut hairstyle.

7. She's A B**ch

Bold, Black and beautiful! “She’s A B**ch” was Elliott’s response to all the haters who wanted to put her in a box. Against a blacked-out background, the provocateur sported a bald head and custom outfit that included a black patent leather jacket and matching pants. She also donned a cowboy hat for an exaggerated effect. Directed by frequent collaborator Williams, this video exhibited a bold trifecta of outfits, complete with rhinestone gems on Elliott's face that made for an equally winning and bold beauty moment.

8. All N My Grill

New York City was the backdrop for the “All N My Grill” video, Elliott’s bold proclamation against guys who don’t take financial care of their women. Playing the role of a demanding diva, the rapper sported a luxurious black and yellow leather python jacket in one scene, and a red leather set in another. As always, she topped off her outfits with diamonds galore, including hoop earrings, rings, and bracelets that cemented her glamorous style.

9. I'm Really Hot

“I’m Really Hot” tells the story of Elliott in a beef with a rival Japanese dance crew, so naturally the two crews dance it out in the track’s visual. Demonstrating her love of Japanese culture, she wears a sporty look that consists of a white bomber jacket, track pants, frosted white-tipped eyelashes and a tousled updo. In her other two ensembles, the fashion mogul flaunts Adidas track jackets under jean vests accessorized with a newsboy cap and her ever-present diamond hoop earrings.

10. One Minute Man featuring Ludacris

In “One Minute Man,” Elliott declares her need for a partner with lengthy stamina. Shot in a hotel, the video shows the artist in custom looks, including a white patent leather vest and pants with green panels and bedazzled studs, topped off with a matching white bucket hat. She then moves into the bedroom, where she performs her iconic headless scene in a custom two-toned denim jacket with fringe details. Later, she pulls off another equally eye-catching look: A matching orange leather jacket, pants and headband with Japanese text on it.

11. Gossip Folks

Taking place in a school setting, the “Gossip Folks” visual was an Adidas love fest, which makes sense since the revered MC had her own collection with the brand in the early aughts. The video featured Elliott sporting two custom outfits by the company, including one burgundy tracksuit with a pink lining and a matching pink fuzzy Kangol hat. For her second look, she went with a cobalt blue set with yellow lining and a matching visor. Adidas and Missy Elliott were a match made in heaven.

12. Pass That Dutch

“Pass That Dutch” featured Elliott in skin-tight black leather as she danced in wild fields. The ensemble included a jacket, shorts, matching cap and black boots. She then changed into a wholesome look, wearing cropped red suspender pants, a white dress shirt and her beloved accessory, a matching newsboy cap. For her final scene, the line-dances in a custom white and blue jacket, white pleated skirt, blue baseball cap and white boots.

13. Throw It Back

One of her more-recent offerings, the “Throw It Back” video boasted all the Elliott fashion staples: tracksuits, bright colors and eye-catching hair and makeup. Her attire for the opening scene consisted of a custom pink suit with a matching tie. Another moment featured a multicolored track jacket with exaggerated braids that turned into Double Dutch jump ropes. The visual ended with a logo-laden MCM blue and green signature look.

14. Beep Me 911

“Beep Me 911” was one of Elliott’s more straightforward singing performances. In the video, she played with contrasting ensembles. These included a gold lame dress with exaggerated sleeves, a bubblegum pink one-sleeve jacket over a matching t-shirt and a bright orange jacket with pants. Of course, she accessorized with gold jewelry and jet-black hairstyles.