One of the best feelings in entertainment is when actors and other A-list celebrities appear together on your favorite television show. Whether these celebrities play themselves or are completely different characters, the iconic episodes stand the test of time and make the TV series even more enjoyable for viewers. Studio audiences always give a huge round of applause when an unsuspecting celebrity walks on set. Beyond being a gateway to expand their portfolio within the industry, cameos are a nostalgic practice that give fans a boost of excitement. You know the scene or episode is about to become much more interesting when someone famous unexpectedly shows up.

From The Notorious B.I.G. appearing on “Martin” to Kendrick Lamar's performance on the acclaimed series “Power,” here is REVOLT’s list of the 15 best celebrity TV cameos in no particular order.

1. The Notorious B.I.G. on Martin

In this episode of the hit show “Martin," The Notorious B.I.G. played himself alongside Martin Lawrence. Biggie was an old friend of the main character, Martin Payne, and was looking for a background singer to go on tour with him. So that Biggie could be discreet, Martin let the emcee stay with him and his wife Gina (Tisha Campbell) at their apartment as he continued his search.

This hilarious segment became a competition for the characters, especially Gina and Pam (Tichina Arnold). The pair competed to get the spot by singing throughout the episode and even dressing up as famous music icons Tina Turner and Anita Baker during the main competition.

2. Lil' Kim on Moesha

Things got a little more serious with Lil’ Kim’s guest appearance on “Moesha.” The scene opened with Moesha's brothers, Myles Mitchell and D-Money, in a recording studio. Played by Ray J, the real-life brother of the lead actor and singer-songwriter Brandy, D-Money was visited by an old friend named Lamont, who brought his girlfriend Diamond (Lil' Kim). Lamont talked to D-Money about becoming a partner in his future music career since they spent time together in jail and he apparently "saved his life." However, D-Money declined.

Later in the episode, Myles ended up missing and trouble mounted, causing D-Money to get involved with the wrong crowd. Lil' Kim showed up at the Mitchell household with a bag and one of Myles' shoes. She warned D-Money that if he wanted to see Myles again, he had to bring in Lamont as a partner in his music career. While the episode ended on a lighter note, this TV appearance was only one of many for the multitalented rapper and fashionista. She has also appeared in “The Game,” “DAG,” “Dancing with the Stars” and more.

3. Kendrick Lamar on Power

This cameo by Lamar was a great way to see the lyricist in a different light outside of music.

The episode began with Kanan Stark, played by 50 Cent, standing outside a convenience store. Lamar, who portrayed a neighborhood drug addict named Laces, walked up to Kanan and tried to sell him gift cards and a bike. From there, Kanan came up with an idea to use Laces in his plan to get back at a rival gang. Throughout the episode, Lamar’s character made statements that may have seemed crazy to some fans. However, considering the insightful bars in the Compton native’s music, viewers couldn’t help but notice the catchy messages he used in his portrayal of Laces to tie the episode into a well-written experience.

4. Tupac Shakur on A Different World

College campus show "A Different World" had many surprises for viewers at home. In this episode, character Lena James (Jada Pinkett Smith) had friends from Baltimore visiting for the weekend. Lena discovered that her ex-boyfriend Piccolo, played by the late rapper Tupac Shakur, also came along. He greeted her with a steamy kiss right in front of her friends and then-boyfriend Dorien. But the drama didn’t end there. Viewers found out that Piccolo had more plans than just hanging out with his ex — he wanted to win her back, too. As a "changed man," Piccolo tried to show Lena that getting back together was a great idea.

5. Ron Isley and Mary J. Blige on The Jamie Foxx Show

For the “Papa Don’t Preach” episode on “The Jamie Foxx Show,” Ronald Isley and Mary J. Blige played a father and daughter duo at odds when it came to music. Blige's character, Ola Mae, wanted to break out into the music industry as an R&B artist. However, her father disapproved. Isley, playing Reverend Leroy Bullock, stressed to Ola Mae that she should stick to gospel music. Throughout the episode, Jamie Foxx stepped in and helped Ola Mae gain the courage to follow her dreams despite her father's concerns. At the end, fans were blessed to see Blige perform her real-life single "I Can Love You.”

6. Michelle Obama on iCarly

In this episode of “iCarly,” Carly was excited that her dad was coming home from the military to celebrate his birthday. But then, he told her he couldn't come because he must handle another emergency. Carly's friends decided to help her contact her father to wish him a happy birthday on their live show. In support of families with loved ones in the military, the teens got a surprise visit from First Lady Michelle Obama. Together, they all paid tribute to the soldiers.

7. Brian McKnight on Sister, Sister

In the 1990s, "Sister, Sister" starred real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry as they navigated life after being separated at birth. In the show’s final season, the sisters were in college and had a new professor named Keith. Played by R&B singer Brian McKnight, Keith won Tia's heart as she developed a crush. Throughout the episode, Tia tried to figure out if she should pursue this infatuation. The most memorable scene was when Tia and Keith shared a romantic dance in the middle of a restaurant to McKnight's "The Only One For Me." While this dance was all in Tia's imagination, the forbidden romance was a fan favorite.

8. Prince on New Girl

"New Girl" followed an awkward and upbeat woman named Jessica “Jess” Day who was looking for a fresh start after a devastating breakup. In an attempt to move on with her life, Jess moved in with three single guys, and for seven seasons, viewers watched their lives unfold. In this episode, Jess and her best friend got invited to a once-in-a-lifetime mansion party hosted by Prince. The late music legend tried to save Jess’ relationship with her roommate Nick by helping her get the courage to tell Nick how she felt.

9. Bell Biv DeVoe on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Bell Biv DeVoe, also known as BBD, made a music video in the Banks' living room on an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," starring rapper-turned-actor Will Smith. Earlier, the family butler went out of town for a convention with Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil. Will's cousins — Hilary, Carlton, and Ashley Banks — tried to take advantage of their parents being gone. Ashley attempted to sell Girl Scout cookies and stole the car. Hilary and Carlton booked BBD to shoot a music video in their house for $5,000. In the hilarious scene, the group was interrupted, and Will made sure the Banks' house looked normal before the weekend was over.

10. Snoop Dogg on The Bernie Mac Show

On his eponymous TV show, late comedian Bernie Mac walked into a spyware store attempting to buy a product to keep an eye on the kids at home. The store associate Calvin, played by rapper Snoop Dogg, helped him pick the perfect gadget for his house. The pair bonded over cool products and subtle one-liners from the rapper, who meant business in and outside of the store.

11. Rihanna on Bates Motel

In this episode of “Bates Motel,” singer-turned-businesswoman Rihanna explored the suspenseful side of entertainment with her role as Marion Crane. In the original film, there was a shower scene that showed main protagonist Norman killing the woman. However, Rihanna’s character got out of the sticky situation safe and sound.

Marion checked into the motel as the lover of a man named Sam. Not knowing that Sam was married, Marion wanted him to help her with a big decision after stealing a briefcase with $400,000 in it. After finding out the truth about Sam, Norman helped Marion escape. To bring the episode full-circle, the new version ended with a shower scene in which Norman stabbed Sam in support of Marion.

12. Ray Charles and Coolio on The Nanny

In this episode of the beloved ‘90s sitcom “The Nanny,” Hip Hop was on the rise and the characters needed to impress the Broadway composer of a new rap musical. Fran believed she found an amazing new rapper for her employer, Maxwell, through good friend Sammy, played by the late legendary singer and pianist Ray Charles. However, Fran soon realized that things were not what they seemed. Sammy brought his grandson Irwin, played by the late emcee Coolio. But the gag was: Irwin was a gift wrapper and came off as not having any musical talent at all.

13. Destiny's Child on Smart Guy

Tia and Tamera were not the only children in the Mowry family who were involved in show business. Their younger brother Tahj starred in his own TV sitcom called "Smart Guy.” Tahj’s character, T.J. Henderson, was a super smart 10-year-old navigating high school with his brother, Marcus (Jason Weaver), and older sister, Yvette (Essence Atkins).

In this episode, Destiny's Child members Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson appeared as themselves in search of a backup dancer for a new music video. The Henderson family befriended the group and gave the ladies a piece of normal life until they were back on the road.