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Women arrested for smearing pig’s blood on former home of witness in Derek Chauvin trial

Rowan Dalbey, Kristen Aumoithe and Amber Lucas of Santa Monica were charged with felony vandalism and conspiracy.

Pig Blood suspects PD Mugshot

Three women were arrested in connection with the vandalization of the home of a witness who testified at the Derek Chauvin murder trial. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constituiton, Santa Rosa residents Rowan Dalbey, Kristen Aumoithe and Amber Lucas were taken into custody on Tuesday (May 11).

Last month, the trio was spotted fleeing from the past residence of former California police officer Barry Brood after they left a pig’s head on the front door and smeared the animal’s blood on the property. They later took to Santa Rose Park where they allegedly spread the blood on a large hand statue and added a photo of a pig reading, “Oink Oink.”

Dalbey, Aumoithe and Lucas were charged with felony vandalism and conspiracy in connection to the demolition of Brood’s old home, and face another vandalism charge for smearing the hand statue. They have since been released from jail. Aumoithe was freed after posting $10,000 bail; Dalbey and Lucas were released without paying bail.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Brood was one of 45 witnesses to take the stand during the three-weeks of Chauvin’s trial. During his testimony, he shared his belief that Chauvin was in compliance with proper police practice.

“I felt that Derek Chauvin was justified and acting with objective reasonableness following Minneapolis Police Department policy and current standards of law enforcement in his interactions with Mr. Floyd,” he said at the time.

“That isn’t an incident of deadly force,” Brodd added, according to the Associated Press. “That’s an incident of an accidental death.”

Santa Rosa Police Chief Rainer Navarro later issued a statement clarifying the department’s disassociation with Brood’s claims. “Mr. Brodd’s comments do not reflect the values and beliefs of the Santa Rosa Police Department,” the statement read.

Police believe the three women falsely targeted Brood, noting the vandalism was probably connected to his testimony. They are now asking for the public’s help in searching for additional suspects that may have been involved in the case.

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