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Juvenile calls Young Buck a “bitch ass nigga” in new interview

“I don’t give a fuck, fuck Buck. I mean what I’m saying,” he said.

Juvenile and Young Buck Getty Images

Juvenile is making it clear how he feels about Young Buck — and it’s not good.

During a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the “Back That Azz Up” emcee went off when the former G-Unit rapper was brought up. “Buck is a bitch,” Juvie said. “I hate Buck. I hate Young Buck fam. Buck is a bitch ass nigga, so we not going to talk about Buck at all, period.”

As Juvenile began to look pissed off, someone who was off-camera told Vlad that he was asking “all the wrong questions” and that they would be ending the interview soon.

“Do me a favor, just ask me about me,” Juvenile added. “Don’t throw names out there like that. I hate Buck. It was your interview he done that really made me trigger back to like, ‘Fuck him.’ Fuck him for real, fam.”

The off-camera male voice advised Vlad to keep those comments from airing, but Juvenile said he didn't care if they got out to the public. “I don’t care what he put out,” he said. “I don’t give a fuck, fuck Buck. I mean what I’m saying.”

Before signing with G-Unit, Young Buck was affiliated with Cash Money Records. Last December, he did an interview with Vlad where he said that Juvenile left him stranded in Los Angeles when they were supposed to go meet with Suge Knight to sign a deal with Death Row Records. The “Shorty Wanna Ride” rapper said he tried to reach out to find out where Juvenile was, but no one gave him an answer.

“I got accustomed to this routine of waking up, going down to Juvenile’s room, waiting on [Suge Knight] to pull up, we going to the studio,” Buck previously said. “Well, I woke up one morning, went down to Juvenile’s room and he wasn’t there. … We was kinda like stuck. Juvie was the anchor to the ship.”

Check out the clip of Juvenile talking about Young Buck below.

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