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Osama bin Laden’s niece is a Trump supporter who proudly wears her MAGA hat

“I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015... he must be reelected...” Noor bin Ladin said.

Osama bin Laden and his niece Noor Bin Ladin  AFP/Getty Images

Just when you think 2020 can’t get anymore out of the ordinary, this news comes along... In an interview with The New York Post, Obama bin Laden’s niece, Noor bin Ladin, revealed that she was a hardcore Donald Trump supporter.

Ladin even went so far as to say that another 9/11 attack could very well happen if the controversial president wasn’t reelected in the upcoming election on Nov. 3. “ISIS proliferated under the Obama/Biden administration, leading to them coming to Europe. Trump has shown he protects America and us by extension from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike,” she told the news outlet.

Ladin, who changed her last name’s spelling along with other members of her family as a way to separate themselves from her infamous uncle, lives in Switzerland. However, she admitted that she feels like “an American at heart.”

“I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015. I have watched from afar and I admire this man’s resolve,” Ladin continued. “He must be reelected … It’s vital for the future of not only America, but western civilization as a whole.”

The 33-year-old even spoke about proudly wearing her “Make America Great Again” hat — and a bedtime onesie from time to time — to show her support for Trump and his administration, which has caused her some confrontation.

“I am minding my own business and this woman in her late 50s charges toward me and starts speaking very loudly and aggressively to me,” Ladin recalled a time when she was met with anger for wearing her MAGA hat in a Switzerland grocery store.

“She’s yelling at me and saying how can I be wearing this and Trump is the worst president ever and she’s basically dumping on my beloved president … She told me three times, ‘You’re stupid.’ I kept my cool, and needless to say I kept my hat!”

Ladin also expressed her dislike toward Rep. Ilhan Omar for “hating” America, and admitted that her favorite TV show was Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

2020, you’re on a roll. Please stop.

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