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Donald Trump and Joe Biden go head-to-head in first presidential debate — watch here

Watch Donald Trump and Joe Biden go head-to-head in Verz— we mean the first presidential debate here!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the battle we’ve all been waiting for and no, we’re not talking about Verzuz. The very first presidential debate between President Donald Trump, and presidential hopeful and Former Vice President Joe Biden is set to kick off on Tuesday (Sept. 29) at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

This debate will be one of three. Each of the 2020 presidential candidates will be at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio for the live main event, and millions of people across the country — and world for that matter — will be turned in to see the two political rivals go at it, as they try to persuade the American people that only one man is the best choice on Election Day, which falls on Nov. 3 this year.

The broadcast will consist of six 15-minute segments titled “The Trump and Biden Records,” “The Supreme Court,” “COCID-19,” “The Economy,” “Race and Violence in our Cities” and “The Integrity of the Election.” In total, the program will be 90 minutes long and have zero commercial breaks.

The debate moderator will be Fox News host Chris Wallace, who’s known for having conflict with Trump on a number of occasion in the past. “My job is to be as invisible as possible,” he said before the debate. “I’m trying to get them to engage, to focus on the key issues, to give people at home a sense of, ‘Why I want to vote for one versus the other?’”

Ahead of the first presidential debate, Biden and his vice president pick, Sen. Kamala Harris, released their tax returns for last year. This move was made after The New York Times revealed in an investigative piece that Trump only paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, and only paid taxes in 10 out of the 15 years prior.

Watch the first 2020 presidential debate above!

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