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Killer Mike writes op-ed calling for black people to arm themselves

“I encourage gun ownership to my wife, my son and daughters, your sons and daughters and all Black people.” he wrote.

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It’s no question that we are living through a very difficult time right now. With the pandemic and the continuous deaths of black people at the hands of police, citizens of this country are planning to arm themselves.

Killer Mike has penned an op-ed urging black citizens in the Unites States to practice their second amendment rights and purchase guns to protect themselves and their families.

“Consequently, my message to Black people across the country is the same today as it was a year ago: the only person you can count on to protect yourself and your family is you,” he wrote in his piece for Colorlines. “God gave you the right to use whatever tools are available to defend your rights. Nothing—including gun ownership—should be discarded. I encourage gun ownership to my wife, my son and daughters, your sons and daughters and all Black people.”

The Run The Jewels MC wants Black people to normalize owning guns and look to black gun organizations for training and other services.

“The challenge is for Black people, Black media and allies to normalize gun ownership,” he continued. “We should be highlighting and showcasing responsible gun owners. We should be looking to Black organizations such as the National African-American Gun Association, which offers firearms training, self-defense training and other services. They understand the cultural nuances of gun ownership and speak directly to our needs.”

Not only is Killer Mike advocating for gun ownership, he also wants black people to change the criminal justice system by voting for black district attorneys and getting laws changed.

“Next, as we advocate for increased gun ownership among Black people, we must simultaneously change the criminal justice system to support and protect Black people,” he wrote. “This means hiring district attorneys who look like us. It also means changing laws that make it illegal for people with felony convictions to own guns. Once a person has completed all components of their sentence and repaid their debt to society, they should have not only their voting rights restored, but also their right to legally own firearms.”

What are your thoughts on Killer Mike’s op-ed?

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