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21 Savage mediates a tense Clubhouse conversation between DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill

21 Savage is being praised by fans for navigating a tense conversation between Akademiks and Meek Mill on Saturday (Dec. 12.)

21 Savage Getty Images

DJ Akademiks joined Clubhouse on Saturday (Dec. 12) and 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and other stars joined the welcome party. Meek was one of the rappers who took the opportunity to confront the television personality for his controversial Instagram and Twitter platforms where he often shares news about hip hop stars that the rapper believes paints them in a negative light.

Akademiks is known for sharing celebrity news on his platform and his takes on celebrity feuds and news often land him in hot water, and Meek said that the blogger doesn’t contribute anything positive to the culture. The rappers addressed the tension between Akademiks and Meek, which they say started years ago. Things got a bit heated between “Going Bad” rapper and Akademiks, but 21 repeatedly stepped in to be the voice of reason.

21 made sure to keep the Clubhouse conversation cordial, and made it clear that Meek’s issues with the TV host weren’t personal. “His grievances weren’t personal. He didn’t like how your platform stands for as a whole, the “A Lot” rapper said.

“We’re talking about DJ Akademiks and what you take from the culture and what you bring to the culture,” Meek said. “Look, I watch you bully Nav, I watch you bully artists. You can’t do that to me. So being as though I see you doing that with your platform, being as though I see you do that with certain artists, I’m going to always attack you because I’m a big dog in the culture. That’s just me.”

The “Bank Account” emcee stepped in and shared some words of wisdom, telling Akademiks that he should learn to separate his platform from his personal life, and also asked the other celebrities not to gang up on him during the conversation. The Philadelphia rapper continued claiming that Akademiks hasn’t used his platform to do any good, and instead he said he has gotten people killed through his platform. “This is no negotiation with the people that’s on the phone with you,” Meek said. “It’s getting to the point where you’re doing a lot of damage.”

“Hey, look. Meek, we can’t just say that he got them killed, though. We can say that he might help escalate it,” 21 Savage said, adding that artists should also be held accountable for sharing content on the internet that Akademiks can use to post on his page. “We can’t call him the cause, it starts with, why are you on the internet giving him anything to post and escalate?” the rapper added.

“Check this out, y’all. The conversation needs to go in a direction where Akademiks you kind of hear what people are saying, and Meek you hear what Akademiks is saying so we can move forward and try to clean it up. It’s already enough of us against each other,” the “Mr. Right Now” rapper said. “So we don’t need this conversation to end in ‘fuck yous,’ it needs to be more so like, how can we fix some of the shit that the culture don’t like about what you do instead of just fighting it off, bro.”

Listeners reacted to the conversation on Twitter, giving praise to 21 Savage for keeping everyone levelheaded and making sure people took responsibility for their own actions. “This whole conversation would have ended way different if 21 Savage didn’t come through with maturity,” one fan tweeted. Check out more reactions from fans to the Clubhouse conversation below.

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