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Ice T: My father-in-law was a “no masker,” then he ended up in ICU

His wife’s dad, Steve Austin, spent 40 days in ICU “close to death” after not believing in using masks.

Ice T father in law Love B Scott

Ice-T issued a warning to his fans who might not be taking COVID-19 seriously. The rapper did so by sharing a photo of his father-in-law, Steve Austin, who struggled with the virus earlier this year after being against the use of masks, and was in the ICU and now has to be on oxygen indefinitely.

“My father-in-law ‘Coco’s dad’ was a serious ‘No Masker’ COVID hit him. Pneumonia in both lungs.. 40 days in ICU close to death.. Now he’s on Oxygen indefinitely. Ohhh he’s a Believer now.. #COVIDisNotAGame,” the actor tweeted on Sunday (Nov. 29) about his wife, Coco Austin’s dad.

The “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star responded to his fans who shared their thoughts about his post, with one fan saying that some people have to “learn the hard way.” The rapper responded: “Some people think a Mask is a sign of weakness.. My homie @BrotherMob who had it, told me.. ‘Ice, your Gangster can’t fight this shit…..’ I heard him loud and clear!”

Ice T father in law Twitter/Ice T

One fan said they don’t feel sympathy for people who don’t wear masks and Ice-T replied, writing, “Honestly.. A lot of no maskers only do it because they’re listening to the President.. Just sayin.” Even though his message was strong, he made it clear that he doesn’t wish ill on anyone. “I would NEVER wish ANYONE sickness… I don’t need that Karma,” he shared.

Coco shared an updated about her father’s health in August, who had been in the ICU and lost 30 pounds after he became ill with the virus on Father’s Day in June. “Covid aftermath...My dad made it back home! He is covid free but is still dealing with damaged lungs that covid leaves behind.. He is bound to an oxygen machine till who knows when but is very lucky ..He said being in the hospital for a month was like jail,” she shared on Instagram at the time. “No windows No visitors and laying in one spot and not being able to walk around was getting to him.. He also adds you could hear people moan in pain during the night and some people weren’t making it ..So sad .”

In June, she shared the news with her fans, warning them to take it more seriously. “My, tough as an ox dad, the one that never goes to the doctor, the one that doesn’t even take tylenol for pain, the one that never EVER gets sick, where talking about the original Steve Austin (cuz tha’ts his real name) is in the ICU requiring oxygen for #covid19,” she captioned an Instagram photo of them together. “He is having trouble breathing and feels like he is being stabbed with pins throughout his body .. For all the people that say it can’t happen to your family..think again.”

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