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Kanye listed as VP for American Independent party to stray votes away from Biden

The rapper is listed as Roque De La Fuente’s running mate on the California ticket.

Kanye West, Joe Biden Getty Images

Kanye West is being used to deter voters from choosing Joe Biden in the presidential election. The rapper is reportedly listed on the California ballot as the vice presidential candidate for the American Independent party.

According to TMZ, the right wing group nominated West to be Roque De La Fuente’s running mate during a state convention in late August.

The party’s vice chairman Markham Robinson admitted that part of the decision was based on the belief that West would help stray votes away from Biden, adding that many of his views also align those of the political party.

As the AIP is known to make nominations without consent, De La Fuente, a San Diego-based businessman who has frequently run in several presidential, senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns, is reportedly not excited to have West as a partner. However, he “wants to make the most of it at the polls,” and acknowledges that the rapper may help secure some votes from the 18-25 demographic. Aware that Biden is likely to win the traditionally Democratic state, De La Fuente is at least hoping he and West will finish third in California.

The Jesus Is King star also appears on some tickets as the presidential candidate of his recently created Birthday Party — a name meant to represent his pro-life stance. He’s reportedly spent $3.5 million to get placed on election ballots, but has been left off others because of missed deadlines and allegations he submitted petitions with false signatures.

West has also been accused of colluding with President Donald Trump and the Republican party to siphon Black votes from Biden. He addressed the alleged scheme last month during an interview with Nick Cannon. “People keep saying ‘I think you and the Republicans are in cahoots,’” he said. “Bro, can’t nobody pay me! I got more money than Trump!”

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