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Pi’erre Bourne gets to the bag in new “Groceries” video

Pi’erre spends a day at work.

pi’erre bourne “Groceries” video screenshot

Pi’erre Bourne is back to work, literally. The multitalented artist takes direct inspiration from his new “Groceries” song title and delivers a fire accompanying visual of him enjoying a day at work. To tease the track, he first showed a snippet on his Instagram, then performed the song at a Rolling Loud Livestream, and finally at a Genius Live on April 29, 2021, where he opened up with his signature flow:

Who you know get the bag like P? Get the cash like P? Get it fast like me? (Ooh-ooh)/ Like Soulja Boy, got stacks on deck, she too young, won’t pass the Tech/ New bitch let a n***a smash like Melee, her old n***a a square, Wayne Brady

I got racks, n***a, call me Eighty, smokin’ the ‘80s since I was a baby/ Steal your bike and I spray paint it, I’m from the concrete, you from the suburbs/ My pockets thicker than peanut butter, feelin’ like The Wayans, I need my brothers Chain too cold

Pi’erre has been very consistent in terms of providing videos to go along with his music. Directly prior to this were his visuals for cuts like “Guillotine,” “Juice,” and most recently “Speed Dial.” The new music video follows his other ones from the same project, including “Be Mine,” “Routine,” “Ballad,” “Racer,” and his triple pack of “Horoscopes,” “Doublemint,” and “Stereotypes.”

His TLOP 4 project dropped back in 2019, but he circled back a year later and unleashed the deluxe version in June of 2020, with the lengthy project holding 31 songs total. Earlier that year, he dropped a joint project with Jelly titled The Wolf of Peachtree. As 2020 was finally coming to a close, Pi’erre joined forces with Chavo to release their collaboration project Chavo’s World.

Be sure to tune into Pi’erre Bourne’s official music video for “Groceries” down below

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