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Pi’erre Bourne unloads a triple pack of visuals: “Stereotypes,” “Doublemint,” and “Horoscopes.”

The tracks can be found on ‘The Life Of Pi’erre 4.’

Pi’erre Bourne Screenshot of “Horoscopes” video.

Currently, the top comment on Pi’erre Bourne’s brand new “Stereotypes” video is “I’m so used to ‘Doublemint’ playing afterwards” (from user Supremedrift10). Luckily for fans who feel the same, the rapper-producer unleashed three videos from the project at the same time so listeners can enjoy that exact track list sequence without waiting.

Where was y’all at when I ain’t have shit? N***a, I was broke, strokin’ on a bad bitch. Gettin’ all this dough, got ‘em thinkin’ that shit. Angry black men, hey, I just got mad rich. Ayy, you be on my mind. Hey, when I get lit, yeah, yea. hI’m just on my grind. Gotta kickflip. Baby, I can’t swim, I’ma skinny dip, huh. I’ma dive in, dive in and front flip. Wait, open up that mouth, baby loose lips, ayy. Slam dunk in that pussy, baby, Shawn Kemp

The three new music videos follows his other visuals from the same project, including “Be Mine,” “Routine,” “Ballad,” and most recently, “Racer.” The TLOP 4 project dropped back in 2019, but he unleashed the deluxe version in June of this year, with the lengthy project holding 31 songs total. Just last week, Pi’erre joined forces with Chavo to release their collaboration project Chavo’s World. At the top of the year, he dropped a joint project with Jelly titled The Wolf of Peachtree.

The Life of Pi’erre series name originally comes from Pi’erre wanting to get Kanye’s attention, but he now wants to wrap up the series after he accomplished that goal. “Hopefully after TLOP5, we’ll be able to remaster 1, 2, and 3, and put those on Apple and Spotify,” he said in a recent interview. “I definitely want to wrap up The Life Of Pi’erre because my initial objective for this whole series was to get Kanye’s attention, and I kind of got that while I was working on TLOP4.”

Check out all three visuals “Stereotypes,” “Doublemint,” and “Horoscopes” down below.

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