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Dre speaks out about George Floyd, police brutality and more on “Captured On An iPhone”

The Miami artist gets socially conscious for his latest offering.

AJ The Visionary

As an understatement, America’s reputation as an oppressive nation isn’t new by any means. With that said, the past decade has seen the United States as a whole become the main stage for police brutality and the unlawful deaths of minorities, mainly in part thanks to cell phone technology and the ability to capture footage in the moment. Over the weekend, Dre of the Floridian production team Cool & Dre has decided to address the tragic loss of life on his new single “Captured On An iPhone,” which also brings to light the terrible things that go on when no one is around to record:

“Stuck in despair, these wild thoughts running through my mind, got my body destined for electric chair/

In search for more than just a message here, how ‘bout I send one, spin the block, light the precinct up and hit a cop/

‘You crazy, you talking ‘bout killin’ cops?’ F*** that, all I see is opps, bumpin’ Ice-T in drop, tell me what you’d die for/

This for the souls that ain’t get captured on an iPhone, n***a tell me what you’d die for.../”

In addition to the subject matter, the somber track also samples Gil-Scott Heron’s 70’s classic “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” which further pushes the message that we as a people will not find justice or freedom by sitting on the sidelines. In addition, Dre added a visual of protests that have been reignited in the wake of George Floyd’s unnecessary passing in Minneapolis.

Dre explained the meaning behind the song via press release:

“I’m a huge fan of NWA Ice Cube Public Enemy & 2Pac to name a few. They spoke truth to power through their music and I felt compelled to do the same. These are just my thoughts and emotions in this song and in no way do I advocate violence against any human being. We’re just sick and tired of being murdered.”

Press play on “Captured On An iPhone” below. A portion of proceeds from the track’s stream will go towards criminal justice reform initiatives.

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