Today (April 26), PARTYNEXTDOOR officially ended his self-imposed hiatus with the release of P4, a 14-song body of work with zero collaborations. The project was led by the well-received singles "R e s e n t m e n t" and "R e a l W o m a n."

Not long after the album landed on streaming platforms, fans took to Twitter to express their appreciation for PARTY's special brand of R&B. “[He's] showcasing that you do not need five million features to make high-quality music,” wrote user mike_h1990. OriginalJayJody gave props to the OVO Sound talent and one of his peers. “No one in new-age R&B can stand next to PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bryson Tiller when [it] comes to backing vocal recording styles,” he tweeted. “There’s a certain way they go about it, man. [It] really elevates whatever they sing to ridiculous celestial levels.”

Of course, some reactions came with a healthy dose of humor. User iamjessicarosee commented, “PARTYNEXTDOOR makes music for the really pretty, almost innocent-looking women who really take souls and collect them in private.” Meanwhile, ShootaSV made note of the LP's explicit artwork. ”PARTYNEXTDOOR, change the d**n album cover. I'm in biology looking crazy with a naked chick on my screen,” he stated.

In an interview with Billboard, the Canadian singer-songwriter spoke on the creation of his latest body of work. “This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on an album. This is the proudest I’ve felt,” he told the publication. “I’m excited to grind even more for the next [one]. I’m in love with how hard you should work for it.”

He also explained why he tends to take an extended break between his full-length releases. “I get into relationships and then music becomes second,” he admitted. “I think I’m going to take a break from relationships -- a long break -- and just get back to making music.”

Check out some other reactions to P4 below.