This week's review is about one of the year's most anticipated sneaker drops - the Yeezy pods by Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. The Yeezy pods first dropped in late December 2023 and capitalized on the sock trend within the sneaker space but with a unique twist, as only Yeezy could. Originally priced at $200, the cost was significantly reduced to $20 early this year, espousing Ye’s yearslong desire to deliver affordable sneakers to the public.

After many restocks and shipping delays, REVOLT finally got our hands on a pair for this review. Let’s get into this week’s official “Kickin’ Facts”!

The Yeezy Pods are a minimalist, futuristic design made from a neoprene-like knit material reminiscent of compression socks. The drop offers a sleek and affordable black take on the sock-like sneaker trend with its foldable upper that extends to the mid-calf and features a rubber outsole and foam insole. The logoless runners also feature a unique tread pattern that focuses on supporting both the toe shaft and ankle part of the foot, separately giving the sneakers a more unique support structure whereas most other sock-like shoes on the market only have one baseline outsole tread pattern.

Another intriguing aspect of the Yeezy Pods is their sizing. They run in three general ranges: Size 1 is U.S. 6-8.5, Size 2 is U.S. 9-10.5, and Size 3 is U.S. 11-13. However, customers have been advised to size down when ordering.

All in all, the Yeezy Pods by Ye are a bold and innovative offering for the industry, especially considering Ye’s sole ownership of Yeezy, finally, after years of battle. Ye continues to capitalize on his fan base's unwavering support and his unique cache of always being ahead of the curve, style and trend-wise. Honestly, for $20, you can’t go wrong! What are your thoughts on the Yeezy Pods?

Would you cop?