In the vibrant world of West Coast Hip Hop, few artists are as committed to uplifting their region as Kalan.FrFr. Starting his journey in music with raw talent and relentless hustle, the melodically inclined Los Angeles emcee quickly made a name for himself in the underground scene before breaking into the mainstream.

His latest EP, MAKE THE WEST GREAT AGAIN, is a bold statement aimed at reshaping the narrative around the music and culture of his hometown. With its blend of smooth harmonies and witty bars, the project has gained widespread acclaim, igniting new conversations about the current state of West Coast rap.

Ahead of his appearance at the BET Awards pre-show, REVOLT caught up with the rapper to discuss his creative process, the reception of his EP, and the importance of shining a light on Los Angeles’ diverse music scene.

Check out the exclusive interview below and stream MAKE THE WEST GREAT AGAIN on all platforms.

Your latest EP has been making waves on the internet. What was your creative vision and inspiration for MAKE THE WEST GREAT AGAIN?

Making MAKE THE WEST GREAT AGAIN was a necessity for the city. Everybody's been having these negative narratives about what's going on in LA, and LA music and the LA culture. And simply, we just tired of it. I just got tired of it myself. Somebody had to take it upon themselves to change the narrative. I just felt like I was the right person to do it.

What do you mean when you say, “Make the West great again”? What do you feel is missing and how are you going to restore it?

Honestly, I felt like it wasn't really nothing missing. It was just the light needed to be shined on what we have going on. Basically, we're just getting drowned out by all the outside noise, everything else that's going around. Because it's like, people don't really understand the music if they're not from here because they can't relate with the situations.

Dejon Paul from “Rap Report Card” gave you a grade D. Do you feel any type of way about that or do you use it as constructive criticism?

I use it as constructive criticism at the end of the day. It doesn't really matter what nobody is talking about. I'm still getting booked for shows. The fans still love it. Everybody's saying there's fire. Everybody got their opinion, and they entitled to it. So, if that's how that one person feels, then, you know, that's on him.

G Herbo, who is not from the West Coast, was on the new project. How did that come about?

G Herbo the homie. He is always around. He be in LA. So, it's kind of like when your cousin comes to stay with you for the summer and then just be locked in. Like he thinks he is from out here. That's kind of like me and Herbo feel right there. He is hard. Bro be out here.

I'm sure that it varies, but what's your favorite song on the EP right now?

They all are my baby, so like, right now, probably “Can't Get In.”

When you release music, do you search to see what your fan base wants? Or is your strategy developed by just you and your team?

It's usually with me and my team, but that's some good advice. You know, maybe I should tap into my fans to see exactly what they want.

You released your project at a perfect time. Kendrick Lamar recently dropped “Not Like Us,” which was also a great move for the West Coast. What type of impact do you feel that song is going to have on making the West great again?

It's doing what it's doing. It was No. 1, you know what I'm saying? For the longest. So, just off the West supporting the West. People in the West going No. 1 when a lot of people don't give credit to the West Coast artists that are the biggest artists. The Doja Cats; the Tyler, The Creators to the Kendrick Lamars. A lot of people don't associate them with the West Coast. They'll, like, skip over claiming them like they are not West Coast artists. That's always been something that's puzzled me. We been had the biggest artists.

It might be because they have a different sound... It's more eclectic. It's different from the commercial West Coast sound.

It's still West Coast, though. It's so many different pockets of people in the West Coast, you know what I mean? Like, we got people that act like Tyler. You know what I'm saying? We went to school and we grew up with people that's not just gang banging. It ain't all khakis and lowriders.

Outside of music, how do you plan to make the West great again?

TwoFR Day is coming up. It's going to be big for the city. I got a show coming up. Everything is going to be viral, man. Just keep pushing out this great music, pushing out the narrative supporting other artists coming up. Keep showing love to all my peers and stuff like that. We just gonna keep the West rocking.

You also got selected to perform at the 2024 BET Awards pre-show. How are you feeling about that?

Oh, that's gonna be lit. I can't wait.

You got it planned out already? What are we getting from you? Can you give us a little tea?

I don't have anything I can give right now. We just gotta see during BET Weekend.