Janet Jackson is music royalty. As the youngest sister of the legendary Jackson clan, she could have easily faded into the background and rode the coattails of her famous brothers. Instead, she forged her own iconic path as an actress and multiplatinum, genre-defining artist who has pushed the artistry of pop and R&B music to the forefront of the industry.

The icon’s music videos are known for their sleek concepts, innovative choreography, storytelling and bold visual style. From otherworldly planets to barren deserts, and futuristic settings alike, Janet’s videos have transported us to endless destinations, all anchored by her undeniable talent and stage presence.

Take a look at 15 of her most renowned music video outfits below!

1. Rhythm Nation

“Rhythm Nation” cemented Janet as a superstar separate from her famous family. In the classic video, she sports an army-style jumpsuit with sharp shoulders, patches fastened by a wide belt, black boots and a black cap. Flanked by her background dancers in similar garb, the notable singer sets the tone for her future performances; she’ll always deliver based on dominance and rhythmic movement.

2. What's It Gonna Be?! by Busta Rhymes featuring Janet Jackson

One of the most recognizable videos of all time, the multi-million-dollar visual for "What's It Gonna Be?!" directed by Hype Williams saw Janet invoking her sexier domineering side in a purple costume. Featuring keyhole details and a long train, her ensemble looked painted on and was complemented by dramatic makeup and long nails. These elements added an exaggerated effect that matched Busta Rhymes’ gravity-defying look.

3. Scream by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

In the “Scream” visual, two of the most influential artists of all time — who also happen to be siblings — go to a futuristic planet where color doesn’t exist, but rage does. Janet and her older brother, Michael Jackson, wear matching black Shibori tops, leather pants and a silver outfit as they fight against rumors and perform one of the most iconic dance sequences of all time. Their natural chemistry and physical agility are unmatched in this supernatural outer-space music video.

4. Control

“Control” narrates the story of a young Janet asserting dominance over her adult life. Sporting her signature black blazer, trousers and big curly hair in this video, she transforms into the powerhouse performer we know her as — in full control of her destiny! Backed up by her boisterous band and frequent collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Janet shines bright.

5. All For You

Taking place in multiple animated locations, the “All For You” video features Janet in a full pop star uniform. The recording artist wears bright midriff-showing tops and jeans as she works through her notable choreography with ease. For the final performance, she adds a black leather jacket for a tougher look to match the feel of the early 2000s pop hit.

6. That's The Way Love Goes

Set in a cozy home environment, Janet takes viewers on a journey through a house party and hanging out with friends in the "That's The Way Love Goes" visual. Her iconic look consists of a cropped black vest with tailored pants, and a white choker — perfectly mirroring the innate sexiness of the record. The video also features a classic cameo from the then-unknown Jennifer Lopez who would go on to achieve music stardom herself.

7. Got 'Til It's Gone featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell

The video for “Got 'Til It's Gone" depicts a night full of Black joy. It features Janet performing in a nightclub as a lounge singer during apartheid in South Africa alongside Q-Tip. In the visual, she dons one of her most iconic hairstyles: Untwisted Bantu knots complimented by the embroidered halter top and green wrap skirt underneath a leather trench coat.

8. Love Will Never Do (Without You)

“Love Will Never Do (Without You)” is a premiere masterclass in sophistication and simplicity shot by the legendary Herb Ritts. Janet is still dazzling while sporting a casual black top and jeans in a desert setting. Also featuring a cameo from actors Djimon Hounsou and Antonio Sabato Jr., this iconic video allows Janet to show a more intimate side of herself, proving that less can be more.

9. Call On Me featuring Nelly

This striking video set in multiple fantastical locations has the wardrobe to match! In the “Call On Me” visual, Janet transforms into a sensual Geisha, an empress who can walk on water, and a glamorous desert walker with bold jewelry, hair and makeup that complements the storytelling.

10. I Get So Lonely

The decorated superstar is known for her love of menswear looks. Her knack for dress shirts and tailored pants is on display in the "I Get So Lonely” video, as she wears them under a sexy black bustier and tops off the ensemble with a fedora. Before turning out one of the ’90s best music video dance performances, Janet invokes a mysterious redhead, crooning for a lover that she misses even when they're together.

11. What Have You Done For Me Lately

The phrase that no man wants to hear, “What Have You Done For Me Lately,” is a quintessential late ’80s video. Set in a diner with friends, Janet goes through the woes of a scorned girlfriend dressed in a casual ’80s style: A black blazer with sharp shoulders, gold lame shirt and skin-tight black pants. With the help of her famous friend Paula Abdul, Janet sets her slacking lover straight.

12. Any Time, Any Place

A lot of the multiplatinum artist’s early videos play on her innocence and around-the-way-girl charm. "Any Time, Any Place" is a sensual take on Janet’s availability to her partner. The palpable sexual tension and vulnerability throughout the vivid video is what stands out the most. When's she not tugging at her partner, she's dressed in casual versions of denim, day dresses and loungewear.

13. Doesn't Really Matter

"Doesn't Really Matter" has a technologically advanced accompanying video set in a futuristic city inspired by Tokyo. In the visual, Janet delivers iconic dance performances and brightly colored outfits to match the scenes. Her wardrobe looks included bright, girly, morphing clothes and high-platform moon shoes that perfectly match the abstract anime-based environment.

14. Feedback

“Feedback” takes Janet to another planet where she’s in full control wearing a sleek black bodysuit with leather panels and bold footwear. The legendary singer-songwriter also wears a sexy red look for her solo dance performance, which features the powerhouse interacting with otherworldly organisms.

15. No Sleep by Janet Jackson featuring J. Cole

“No Sleep” is the ideal setup for an easy day at home; Janet croons over a lover and what they’ll do when they get together again. She returns to her tried-and-true sleek look, wearing a black blazer and trousers topped off with a bold hat and stacked accessories.