On Sunday (April 7), J. Cole closed out the 2024 Dreamville Festival by performing his catalog of hits and inviting collaborators on stage to the delight of the attendees. During his set, he acknowledged recent events by delivering a surprising public apology to Kendrick Lamar. Following Lamar's highly publicized "Like That" diss to the North Carolina emcee and Drake, Cole returned fire with the equally scathing "7 Minute Drill."

“I was conflicted because, [for] one, I know my heart and I know how I feel about my peers," Cole admitted. "These two n**gas that I’ve just been blessed to even stand beside in this game, let alone chase [their] greatness. So, I felt conflicted ‘cause I’m like, bruh, I don’t even feel no way. But the world wanna see blood. I don’t know if y’all can feel that, but the world wanna see blood. That s**t disrupts my f**king peace.”

Cole continued by giving his Compton, CA counterpart his flowers in front of the massive crowd. “I want to say right now tonight, how many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest motherf**kers to ever touch a f**king microphone?" he asked. "Dreamville, y’all love Kendrick Lamar, correct? As do I... That was the lamest, goofiest s**t. I say all that to say it made me feel like 10 years ago when I was moving incorrectly. And I pray that God will line me back up on my purpose and on my path."

Cole also stated that he'll be removing "7 Minute Drill" from streaming platforms. As far as how Lamar feels about the attack, Cole assured fans that he's fine with whatever comes as a consequence. "I got my chin out. Take your best shot. I’ma take that s**t on the chin, boy. Do what you do," the "Middle Child” rapper stated to the TDE alum.

Since that moment took place, fans and peers alike chimed in with their opinions. Dreamville-signed artist Ari Lennox expressed support for the label's head honcho. "You are so real. I appreciate the human you are. I admire your self-awareness and your self-reflection," she commented under Cole's sole Instagram post. During a segment of "The Breakfast Club" that was shared earlier today (April 8), Charlamagne Tha God added, "The rap fan in me understands the disappointment many of you [are] feeling, but the man in me who understands the spiritual being living a human existence has nothing but respect."

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