Music is evolving. Women are taking the lead across the industry, demanding to be heard, securing their coin, divulging their truths and requiring the same respect as their male counterparts. Today’s R&B landscape looks very different from the rhythm and blues of old. Honey Bxby, one of the genre’s most exciting rising stars, is a product of this new, more empowering era in which women are prioritizing their happiness.

Honey Bxby’s raw lyrics are full of an admirable transparency. Her melodies are beyond infectious; you’ll definitely sing along. Most importantly, it’s clear the young talent has a real story to tell, and what she has shared with fans so far has left everyone wanting more.

This month, REVOLT caught up with the New Jersey singer to discuss her ascent to stardom. She humbly spoke about living legend Busta Rhymes co-signing her music, her dream to collaborate with all the greats, and wanting to accomplish as much as Rihanna has.

Get into the enlightening chat below to learn more about Honey Bxby’s journey. Also, tune into the deluxe edition of her critically acclaimed debut EP, 3 Words, 8 Letters, here.

Do you remember the moment you were first inspired to write and sing? How did your journey begin?

I don’t remember the exact moment because I was young... I just remember always wanting to do it. I was introduced to music at a really young age. My dad was really into music and making it. He had his own home studio and would make beats and record. That’s how I got introduced, and I kind of just fell in love with it.

Your lyrics are very direct, funny, and even sexy at times. Strong women will definitely be able to relate to 3 Words, 8 Letters. What were your favorite cuts on the EP?

My personal favorites are “Violent” and “Poseidon.” And “Basic,” which is really fun and sets the tone for what’s to come. “Poseidon” is really my baby... My personal favorites are my favorites for different reasons. I remember where I was when I did the song and wrote it. To see where I was when I did that song and to see where I am now... two completely different paths. I’m a completely different person now; my life has done a crazy 180.

“Violent,” too. I wrote them at the same time, and when I did those songs, I really didn’t expect to end up here. It’s really dope.

What was it like to work with Busta Rhymes?

I didn’t necessarily get to work with him directly. The feature was a surprise that was brought to me, but it was something that I definitely was waiting for though. I was very patient with getting that co-sign and seeing if he really f**ked with the song. But being able to vibe with him, meet him, and build that relationship with a legend was honestly one of the dopest things ever. Very unexpected, too. I am a manifester, so I knew the feature was coming ‘cause I had it in the back of my head that he was going to f**ck with it -- hopefully. But I knew he was because I did the flip so differently than everybody else did... But I didn’t expect to build with him. That was a shock. That was really, really f**king dope.

Who else would you like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Drake... Kehlani. I really want to work with Miley Cyrus down the line (laughs). Those are three of my top collabs that I’m praying will happen. I want to work with a lot of artists. Cardi, too. I f**k with Cardi and with what she has going on. I love how she can get on anything and sound good. A lot of the collabs I want are big... I’m looking to work with those huge names, make them my peers, and be one of them.

Sabrina Carpenter, too. I really love her music and I think she’s about to be one of the next big pop girls. I want to dabble in different genres for my collaborations as well.

You sampled SWV’s “I’m So Into You” for your hit song “Fkn Him Too.” If you could live any ‘90s or 2000s artist’s life for a week, who would it be?

Hm, there are so many. I would be Aaliyah, 1000 percent. Madonna... She was eating everything in sight. This is hard. Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt era. I would be Lil’ Kim, too, because she was just that girl.

Were there any stories on 3 Words, 8 Letters that were difficult to tell?

Maybe “Trauma.” It was a little bit more personal and not in a relationship aspect. Real family-type things, and I’m not at a point in my life where I’m comfortable talking about those things. There are so many different kinds of trauma that I went through, and I’m not mature enough to talk about them yet. It was something that everyone wanted me to try... and just open up more. Thankfully, it came out dope, but it was definitely very hard for me to record -- even though I wasn’t even digging deep.

We commend your transparency and you taking that step to show young women around the world that it’s OK to talk about their trauma. What are some of your career goals for the near future?

My goal in life is to be like Rihanna.

Love it.

That’s the only way I can describe what I want out of life. I want to be fulfilled in every aspect. I think the way she went about her career outside of music and even taking that break to build a family and really enjoy the fruits of her labor – that's how I want to go about my life. That’s definitely how I want my career to go. I want to dive into everything I can get my hands on. I want to be that girl. When I’m off of the Earth, I want people to know me for many things, not just Honey the singer or Honey the artist.

I want to be Honey, that girl. Rihanna is the best person to look at for inspiration on how I want to go about my life.

Is there anything else you want fans to know?

I’m taking over the summer. Listen to the EP and take a dive into it because what’s next is going to be a different version of me. It’s not going to be so sad. A lot more vibey and fun. Still R&B, still going to have that relationship aspect, but definitely taking over the summer. Making music for the girls – and not just the girls that are going through f**k s**t. The girls that are living their best lives; that’s where I’m going with the sound.