A Florida deputy has been terminated following the conclusion of an administrative investigation into the death of U.S. Airman Roger Fortson last month. On Friday (May 31), Okaloosa County Sheriff Eric Aden fired Deputy Eddie Duran for unjustified use of his firearm in the May 3 tragedy.

Duran was dispatched to a Fort Walton Beach apartment complex, where a possible domestic disturbance was reported. According to a building employee, a female resident claimed she overheard loud arguing that seemed to be escalating. The deputy was directed to unit 1401, where Forston lived alone with his dog. The 23-year-old was on a FaceTime call with his girlfriend when Duran knocked on his door.

The time-marked report explicitly states that Duran “listened for sounds of any disturbance inside the apartment. Hearing none, the former deputy knocked without announcing and listened for a response. When describing what he heard, the former deputy said he heard: ‘Something to the effect of ‘It’s the f**king police.’’”

Body camera footage revealed that when the active-duty senior airman opened the door, he had a gun pointed at the ground in his right hand. Duran saw the weapon and within seconds fired multiple shots, striking the young man three times as he fell onto his right side. He never once raised his weapon. Soon after, the Atlanta native was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

In a released statement, Sheriff Aden said that “Mr. Fortson did not make any hostile, attacking movements, and therefore, the former deputy’s use of deadly force was not objectively reasonable.” He further stated, "This tragic incident should have never occurred,” and that “the objective facts do not support the use of deadly force as an appropriate response to Mr. Fortson’s actions. Mr. Fortson did not commit any crime. By all accounts, he was an exceptional airman and individual.”

Attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the victim’s family, said, “The firing of the officer who shot and killed Roger Fortson is a step forward, but it is not full justice for Roger and his family. The actions of this deputy were not just negligent, they were criminal. As we’ve stated from the beginning, and as echoed today by Sheriff Aden, Roger was an exceptional airman who did absolutely nothing to warrant being gunned down in his own home.”

Crump noted that he anticipates charges are forthcoming as footage from the incident is “damning proof that this was a brutal and senseless killing of a young man who was simply enjoying time alone with his dog while video chatting with his girlfriend.”

Fortson was remembered as intelligent, humble and a man of integrity by those who attended his funeral service on May 17 at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. Rev. Al Sharpton and Crump delivered remarks at the service. A criminal investigation into Duran’s actions with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is ongoing.