Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to turn a dream into reality? It's more than just wishful thinking; it's about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, even if you're facing hunger and homelessness head-on. Believe it or not, there is a group of rappers who refused to let their circumstances determine their destiny.

From crashing in homeless shelters to catching Z’s in the back seats of cars, these lyrical geniuses emerged from the depths of adversity without missing a beat. Their unwavering belief in their goals, combined with tireless effort and commitment, propelled them from destitution to decadence. Now, they’re living the high life in luxurious residences. Let's shine a spotlight on eight rappers who were once homeless.

1. ASAP Rocky

Who would have suspected that Pretty Flacko was once homeless? In a moving interview with Hardknock TV, ASAP Rocky recalled a time when his friends wished to gather at his house but were unaware that his family lived in a shelter. He admitted to being embarrassed at the time. However, Rocky now values those experiences because they shaped his identity. Fast forward to the eve of Thanksgiving 2020, and Rocky and his mother generously donated 120 meals to the very shelter that once provided solace to them. Truly, the tables have turned.

2. Fat Trel

Fat Trel was homeless during his early years in Washington, D.C., sleeping in laundromats, bus stops and even hallways under stairs. Despite these obstacles, he used his passion for music as a form of escape and expression. The emcee has since risen to prominence thanks to his gritty storytelling and authentic lyrics. Trel’s journey from homelessness to success with his craft exemplifies resilience and determination.

3. Lil’ Kim

Before ascending to her throne as the iconic Queen Bee of rap, Lil’ Kim weathered tumultuous times. In a candid interview with The Washington Post, the living legend revealed that when she was 8 years old, she and her mother became homeless after fleeing her abusive father. Recounting those challenging days, Lil' Kim revealed that they had to live out of the trunk of their car, taking refuge in the cramped confines of the back seat.

4. Tierra Whack

Philadelphia's own Tierra Whack encountered the harsh reality of homelessness before her meteoric rise to fame. After relocating to Atlanta with her mother and siblings, she dedicated herself to honing her craft by progressing from poetry and freestyles to full-fledged songwriting.

Three years and a trove of tracks on her laptop later, the MC felt ready to reclaim her place in Philly's music scene. However, her return was not without complications. "I was homeless for three months when I came back," she said. "I lived out of storage units and relied on the hospitality of friends and family, though finding a stable place to stay proved elusive. It was a rough period." Despite the obstacles, Whack's tenacity and unwavering determination eventually propelled her to new heights.

5. Dave East

While pretty privilege is well-known among women, what about the men? Dave East explained how his handsome appearance helped him while he was homeless. "Yep, I've been there," he candidly admitted to Page Six. "I spent a few nights sleeping in cars. It was a full year of being homeless."

Despite the adversity, he did not hesitate to acknowledge the benefits of his good looks. "I'm not gonna front — my appearance definitely helped me out," he said. "I crashed at a few girls' places ... big shout-out to them, they know who they are." Talk about using what you got to get what you want, right?

6. KRS-One

At the age of 16, KRS-One made the bold decision to leave his home in pursuit of his rap dreams. This meant temporarily residing on the E train and in the World Trade Center. Despite his humble beginnings, he vividly recalls the surreal experience of hearing his songs blasting from strangers' boomboxes on the train, though he kept his excitement hidden behind a veil of embarrassment. He had no idea then that he would become one of the most influential figures in Hip Hop culture.

7. Tupac

Tupac's story has been told countless times, but one aspect that stands out is the difficult road he took to fame. Tupac found himself in the harsh reality of homelessness after moving to Los Angeles, while his mother struggled with addiction and meeting basic needs.

Couch-surfing with acquaintances, he clung tenaciously to his passion for the arts and refused to give up his dreams. Tupac surpassed his circumstances through pure drive and unwavering resilience that would eventually lead him to becoming one of the most iconic rap legends and societal agents of change in history.

8. ScHoolBoy Q

In a candid interview with Self-Titled Magazine, ScHoolboy Q discussed his experience with homelessness at the age of 22. He found himself homeless after serving time in jail and being charged with a felony. This chapter inspired his journey into rap and resulted in the creation of Habits & Contradictions, a project that authentically reflects his past struggles and triumphs. ScHoolboy Q's music channels the resilience that comes from adversity.