Hip Hop has long been a powerful force that influenced not just music, but also fashion, language, and lifestyle. This influence extends to the advertising world, where classic rap songs have been leveraged to create compelling and memorable commercials. Brands have recognized the universal appeal and rhythmic energy of Hip Hop and have used it to forge strong connections with diverse audiences. Iconic cuts from the genre's golden era are frequently chosen for their nostalgic value and ability to evoke a strong emotional response.

One notable example is Run-DMC's "My Adidas," which became a cultural anthem that transcended music. The track's celebration of the German shoe brand led to one of the first major endorsements between a Hip Hop group and a major company. This partnership not only boosted Adidas' popularity, but also set a precedent for future collaborations between rappers and corporations. Similarly, Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" has been featured in numerous commercials for everything from cars to food products, as its catchy beat and pioneering status makes it a versatile and appealing choice for marketers.

By using Hip Hop for advertising campaigns, brands create a sense of authenticity and relatability. As the art form continues to evolve, its integration into other forms of media to promote a product or service will remain a testament to its universal appeal.

REVOLT put together a list of 23 songs that took a company's promotion to the next level. Check them out below.

1. Save Dat Money – Lil Dicky (Old Navy)

In what is probably one of the most unorthodox examples of Hip Hop and advertising, the above commercial by Old Navy starred Elizabeth Banks, an actress known for playing eccentric characters. In the clip, she enthusiastically – creepily – approached a group of women at a crosswalk, drawn to their Old Navy pants. They informed her that all pants were on sale at the popular outlet, all as a variation of Lil Dicky’s “Save Dat Money” played in the background.

2. Ultimate – Denzel Curry (Adidas)

In earlier years, Denzel Curry experienced different facets of success at once, including becoming a XXL Freshman alum and receiving critical acclaim for his sophomore LP, Imperial. Not long after, Adidas launched an advert titled "Creating New Speed," a high-energy clip featuring football players from Belle Glade, Florida. Playing in the background was Curry's hard-hitting single "Ultimate," which was taken from the double EP 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms.

3. Hot In Herre – Nelly (Lay’s)

Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” was such a big hit that it was used in more than its share of promotional campaigns. One example was from Lime-A-Rita, an adult beverage that, when matched with the Neptunes-produced cut, turned things up in a normally quiet art museum. Above, Nelly made an appearance in a humorous clip for Lay’s Flamin’ Hot chips.

4. Slam – Onyx (Gatorade)

The above Gatorade commercial featured then-Indiana Pacer Paul George and highlighted his hydration with the aid of computer-generated imagery -- all while set to the classic Onyx track "Slam." The ad's impressive visual effects and the energetic song worked together to get viewers hyped upon watching.

5. Y.A.L.A. – M.I.A. (Nissan)

A trio of commuters – including actor Robert Ri'chard – needed to get somewhere fast in their Nissan Rogue, so what did they do? They hopped on top of a moving train to get around city traffic. What added to the energy was M.I.A.’s Matangi standout “Y.A.L.A.” (or “You Always Live Again”). You can check out another variation of the ad that was featured during the Super Bowl.

6. Wavin’ Flag – K’Naan (Coca-Cola/FIFA)

K'naan gained widespread recognition for his Troubadour single, “Wavin’ Flag,” after it was selected by Coca-Cola as an official anthem for the FIFA World Cup – an event that was held in South Africa for the first time. The lyrics of the song reflected K'naan's personal experiences in war-torn Somalia and highlighted the challenges and resilience of African people. The track was later remade by a supergroup of Canadian artists in support of those affected by a severe Haitian earthquake.

7. The Choice Is Yours – Black Sheep (Kia)

Kia launched a quirky ad campaign for its Soul model that was aimed at younger audiences. Titled “This or That,” the campaign featured a music video-style sequence of humanoid hamsters rapping along to Black Sheep’s iconic cut, "The Choice Is Yours.” The Hip Hop rodents also mocked competing “cars” like toasters and washing machines, which further emphasized the Soul's unique design. The lyrics, "You can get with this, or you can get with that," took on an entirely new meaning.

8. Forever – Drake (Sprite)

“Forever” went through a couple of iterations and, upon being released as a collaboration alongside heavyweights Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Eminem, ended up being one of Drake’s early smash hits. In addition to being added to the soundtrack for LeBron James’ More Than A Game, Sprite also commissioned its use for a commercial with the Canadian star, who found himself dealing with writer’s block in the middle of a studio session. Upon taking a sip, CGI effects revealed a crazy sequence that partly resembled a scene from Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker before he continued his recording.

9. The Creator – Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth (Google)

Google's Android commercial sparked nostalgia with its clever use of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's "The Creator." The ad, part of a "Be Together, Not The Same" campaign for Android’s Lollipop operating system, showcased diverse groups like NBA players and everyday people exchanging high fives and fist bumps. The dance-inducing cut, produced by Pete Rock, harkened back to rap’s golden era.

10. Queen’s Speech 4 – Lady Leshurr (Samsung)

The fourth installment of "Queen's Speech” blended internet memes with a mix of U.K. and Caribbean accents, along with punchline-driven verses and the once-popular hashtag flow. As part of the popular series, the song gained significant traction after the official video was shared by social media influencer DeLorean, which quickly went viral. Its exposure further expanded when it was featured in the above Samsung commercial, solidifying Lady Leshurr's recognition in the United States.

11. The Jump Off – Lil Kim (AOL)

In one of the more humorous Hip Hop commercials created, your average cubicle worker could be seen watching Lil Kim’s “The Jump Off” video on the clock. The presumed manager, a mean-faced intimidator of sorts, attempted to surprise the employee in the act. Fortunately for him, AOL’s “top-speed technology” allowed the subordinate to pull up work documents in the nick of time.

12. Rapper’s Delight – Sugarhill Gang (Evian)

Evian's advert starred a troupe of roller-skating babies grooving to a Dan the Automator-produced remix of Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." In the 60-second clip, viewers could watch what was meant to be the rejuvenating effects of mineral water. “In the majority of countries in recent years, our communication has been very fact-based," said Michael Aidan, worldwide director of brand at Evian, to The Guardian. "But consumers expect more from a big brand – emotion, dream. This is what we want to achieve, hence this... campaign."

13. Pep Rally – Missy Elliott (Amazon)

For their Echo device, Amazon unveiled a Super Bowl commercial with none other than Missy Elliott. The 30-second clip also boasted an appearance from actor Alec Baldwin, who wanted to show off a sparkly outfit and needed some dance music to come out of his awkward shell. In response, Missy turned on her own single, “Pep Rally,” the perfect track for any party or sports event. Surprisingly, the Pharrell Williams-produced cut never ended up on any of the Virginia star’s albums.

14. The Announcement – Jay Electronica (Mountain Dew)

Back when he announced his surprise partnership with JAY-Z and Roc Nation, Jay Electronica performed a song titled “The Announcement.” The freestyle offering was later used in an advert for Mountain Dew, who tapped the New Orleans emcee for an endorsement of their Code Red beverage. Keeping things relatively simple, Jay Electronica hit the stage for a packed crowd before quenching his thirst with the product in question.

15. Bust A Move – Young MC (Pepsi)

Young MC was no stranger to being of service to corporate America, as could be seen with his appearance in a Taco Bell commercial – one that saw him create a unique song for the fast-food chain. Here, he did something similar for Pepsi and their “Cool Cans” campaign, which consisted of specially designed containers for the world-renowned beverage. “Cool cans are comin’, so don’t be afraid, and if you get lucky, then you might get paid,” the “Bust A Move” talent rapped.

16. Just A Friend – Biz Markie (Heineken)

Titled “Let A Stranger Drive You Home,” the above ad for Heineken showed different drivers shuttling people to different destinations Uber-style. What will make any viewer smile upon watching is the choice of music being played in each vehicle – Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend,” a classic cut that’s impossible to not sing along to. A bittersweet moment, for sure.

17. Top Back – T.I. (Chevrolet)

Earlier in his career, T.I. teamed up with General Motors to promote the Chevrolet Impala SS. The multimillion-dollar effort was centered around the remix of the Atlanta emcee’s King single "Top Back," complete with assists from Young Dro, B.G., Jeezy, and Big Kuntry King. “I believe that T.I. represents a mindset shared by many young adults, regardless of gender and race,” said Steve Stoute, who contributed to the campaign via his Translation brand marketing firm. “Chevy is a brand that represents a voice of American revolution, and T.I. shares some of those same values.”

18. Public Service Announcement – JAY-Z (Google)

At Google's annual I/O conference keynote, the company emphasized the significance of their Gemini AI model, which is designed to handle multimodal inputs like text, images, video, and code. To mark the achievement, the tech giant released a commercial titled "Welcome to the Gemini Era” using JAY-Z's "Public Service Announcement." The ad included clips from the keynote and showcased Gemini’s functionalities.

19. It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube (Nike)

To promote their skateboarding line, Nike premiered a two-minute commercial starring Paul Rodriguez and other skateboarders. All could be seen traveling in and around Los Angeles to the tune of Ice Cube’s iconic single “It Was A Good Day.” Eagle-eyed viewers can also spot a glimpse of an intrigued Kobe Bryant in the clip.

20. Where You At? (The Whole City Behind Us) - Kanye West, Ludacris, and The Game (Boost Mobile)

A true commercial classic. At some point during The College Dropout era, Kanye West connected with Boost Mobile to drop “Where You At? (The Whole City Behind Us),” a hard-hitting collaboration with The Game and Ludacris. Alongside the loose cut came at advertisement/music video that saw Ye communicating with his rap peers by phone in the middle of a studio session. While the full song never saw an official release, it didn’t take long for a leak to keep the fans more than satisfied.

21. My Adidas - Run-DMC (Adidas)

The creation of “My Adidas” brought forth one of the most notable moments in Hip Hop history. The first single from Run–DMC's Raising Hell album led to a historic endorsement deal between the Queens trio and Adidas, marking one of the first partnerships of its kind between a musical act and an athletic company. This deal was secured after Lyor Cohen invited Adidas executive Angelo Anastasio to a concert at Madison Square Garden, where the group had the audience hold up their Adidas apparel during the song.

22. California Love - 2Pac, Dr. Dre, and Roger Troutman (Jeep)

For their iconic Wrangler model, Jeep launched a global marketing campaign that featured 2Pac’s iconic "California Love" track. In a statement that was released at the time, Stellantis Global Chief Marketing Officer Olivier Francois emphasized that the classic collaboration reflected the appeal of the aforementioned vehicle in both automotive and cultural contexts. “‘California Love’ captures the spirit of the Jeep Wrangler and our owners around the world in a way no other can,” he added.

23. Shaolin Brew - Wu-Tang Clan (St. Ides)

Alcoholic beverage company St. Ides began collaborating with Hip Hop icons like Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Scarface on a series of collaborations, all of which culminated in an official mixtape. One of the biggest contributions to that project came from the Wu-Tang Clan, who created a song, “Shaolin Brew,” for the company to promote their brand. Even as a marketing tool, the hard-hitting cut – which was produced by and featured Method Man and RZA, along with additional assists from U-God, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah – was just as quality as other singles from the legendary collective’s extensive catalog.