Tyrese set social media ablaze nearly a week ago when he shared an Instagram post expressing that he sometimes wishes he were born Latino. His remarks were underscored by stating that, unlike Black culture, Latinos had not lost their way because they remained grounded in community.

He used a video of a Hispanic man overcome with emotions after realizing his family rallied together to purchase him his dream car as a token of appreciation for his countless sacrifices. “We can’t get anything done and accomplished as a fragmented culture, insecure, threatened by each other, competitive towards our own race, killing ourselves every single day frivolously. The majority of us [are] Black men, and millions are locked up in prison,” he wrote.

Though his post would go on to acknowledge that Black people “were beyond powerful, influential and successful,” Tyrese still harped on his perceived lack of large-scale fellowship and support within the community. “Imagine if we all linked? [If we] poured [into] and built up on each other instead of moving like fragmented and dysfunctional. We have what it takes to take over the world!” continued the “How You Gonna Act Like That” singer.

For days, he was pummeled with criticism in his comments and across social platforms for the disparaging comparisons. “No, baby, YOU lost your way. Speak for yourself,” wrote one Instagram user. Another commented, “So, writing a post demeaning your own people was the best you could come up with? The hypocrisy is staggering!”

However, on Saturday (Feb. 3), he broke his silence on the hotly debated post with a touch of humor and a whole lot of standing-on-business energy. The Fast & Furious actor first stated that “the internet is undefeated” as he shared a comical photoshopped image of himself wearing a sombrero, poncho and a thick mustache before he delved into addressing the issue.

Noting that he shared his perspective before Black History Month began, the entertainer then directed everyone’s attention to the end of his initial post, which, as mentioned above, called out dysfunction and competitiveness as obstacles to Black unification. “We are nothing trying to do it ALONE!!” he wrote. “Please chime in. Would love to know your thoughts on this.” His comments are filled with mixed reactions. Check them out below.