Thanks to her public relationship with and support for tight end Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has become synonymous with the Kansas City Chiefs — specifically in regard to their current NFL season and upcoming Super Bowl championship against the San Francisco 49ers. Back in January, the pop star added to her many in-game moments when she was spotted dancing alongside the likes of Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, to Fast Life Yungstaz’s iconic 2009 hit, “Swag Surfin’.”

On Thursday (Feb. 1), Fast Life Yungstaz, along with the song’s collaborator, Easton — spoke to TMZ about their reactions to the viral clip. “I thought it was dope,” said member Mook. “I automatically knew it was gonna be a good look just because of who she is, you know what I’m sayin’, what she got going on.” Mook also revealed that the group streams have experienced a 700% increase across all platforms before adding, “Our YouTube numbers done went up, we gained 20,000 subscribers in like two weeks. Everything is up.”

iMcFli (formerly known as Myko McFly) chimed in with a humorous nickname. “Yeah, that’s Swift Surf,” he quipped. “When it went viral, it was like, ‘Okay, Taylor Swift? S**t, it’s up.’ It’s like one of them moments you’ve been waitin’ on.” iMcFli also argued that “Swag Surfin'” could be considered “the biggest song out of Atlanta.”

Easton, who led the track with his memorable first verse, specifically addressed the media attention that they received as a result. “If you read a lot of the articles, for the most part, they all gave us our flowers, gave us our just due and credit,” he said. “I ain’t really see too many people not telling who we are [and] the history behind the song, where we’re from.”