On Monday (Jan. 22), Saweetie unveiled a new track titled “IMMORTAL FREESTYLE,” an anthem for any woman who’s focused on money and success over haters.

“I can’t hear nothin’, sittin’ pretty at the top, get my phone, yeah, time to call the shots, my residency poppin’, pre-gamin’ out in Vegas, at the Usher show, singin’, ‘There goes my baby,’ $2,000, that’s what’s worth these nails, a b**ch paid for fake reports on my first week sales, I just got a jumbo, double flap bag from Chanel, and I’m grade A, but haters wanna see me fail…”

The Water Wippin Evan-directed visual for “IMMORTAL FREESTYLE” matched the song’s subject matter with shots of Saweetie riding under the night sky in a bright green Lamborghini. She could also be spotted showing off her provocative outfit and sparkling nail art in a warehouse and on a rooftop.

The world continues to wait for Saweetie’s debut LP, Pretty B**ch Music, which was first announced back in 2020 and was promoted via hit singles like “Tap In,” “Best Friend” with Doja Cat, and “Closer” with H.E.R. She spoke on the delay with E! News back in 2023.

“[The album] gotta sound cohesive. You know?” she said. “I feel like a debut album isn’t something you just put out or something you play with. I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking. I’m a Cancer, so I overthink sometimes, but I think you have to be really careful with that and I take my art really serious.”

Saweetie also gave details on what can be expected on said LP in that same interview. “I grew up in the Bay, I went to San Diego State, USC, I’m triracial, my mom’s Asian, my dad’s Black, and I’ve been through a lot of interesting experiences. I want to put that all into my album in the most artistic and organic way,” she explained.

Press play on “IMMORTAL FREESTYLE” below.