Soulja Boy recently showed off his financial upswing despite previous allegations of monetary struggles.

Today (Jan. 16), he shared an Instagram Story revealing his earnings as a Warner Chappell Music artist. The deposits displayed totaled a whopping $1,493,724. Additionally, Soulja captioned the image, “You do the math.” It’s worth noting that the largest transaction of $1,050,000 was still pending.

The rapper signed with Warner Chappell Music in 2019 and marked the occasion with the release of his single “Intro.” Since then, the record company has helped distribute projects like 2021’s Soulja World, 2022’s First To Do It, and 2023’s Swag 5.

Soulja’s revelation of significant earnings contrasted sharply with a 2022 court ruling. Last July, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge found the artist’s net worth to be negative during a legal dispute with an ex-girlfriend. As reported by XXL, he tried to overturn a $472,000 judgment, citing financial woes and a $1 million tax lien.

However, the court denied his request, attributing the negative net worth to Soulja’s failure to provide legal records. The judge also suggested that the Chicago-born artist had sufficient income to address his debts, advising him to reconsider his expensive lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the “Pretty Boy Swag” hitmaker more or less confirmed his monetary standing. Ahead of his Verzuz battle with Bow Wow, Soulja posted screenshots of their net worths. Per the images, Bow Wow’s was $1.5 million, while his was valued at $30 million.

Notably, Soulja’s debut single “Crank That” came out in 2007. In a December 2023 interview with Kids Take Over, the rapper said the song would’ve been even bigger today thanks to platforms like TikTok.

“This was still in iTunes and ringtones. I would have went more viral right now than I did back then. Actually, the f**king numbers and s**t that I did back then is f**king legendary, amazing compared to today’s, from the technology that I was using,” he said. “Imagine if I had TikTok! What the f**? You know how many people would have been doing the ‘Crank That’ dance?”