Dame Dash has issued a response to Fat Joe’s recent remarks, seemingly egging the former music executive to back up comments about being able to recreate the musical success of JAY-Z.

The serial entrepreneur made no qualms when he spoke on the Terror Squad honcho’s breakdown of the state of Hip Hop and its “statesmen” failing to put new male talent on the map. Joe referenced the JAY-Z bar, “I heard motherf**kers sayin’ they made Hov/ Made Hov say, ‘Okay, so make another Hov,’” from “Lost One.” Though he prefaced that he does not have any issues with Dash, he followed by stating how he helped Big Pun, DJ Khalid, Cool & Dre and Scott Storch become recognized names.

Elsewhere in the livestream, the “Lean Back” rapper stated that “People hype themselves up to believe that they’re something they’re not. If you’re a hustler, if you’re a money-getter, then where’s your money? If you’re a genius and you’re smart, then where’s your s**t?”

On Saturday (Jan. 13), Dash said he was surprised by Joe’s comments. He believed them to be of his industry peer weighing in on his past remarks about building the Roc-a-Fella empire and its subsequent dismantling. “Grown men, we from the street, we don’t usually talk on other men’s business, so maybe he’s changed. But regardless, I ain’t got no beef with you, but I have a response to what you say,” Dash began.

“Make another Hov? Why the f**k would I make another Hov? He did not generate $100 million a year for me. That’s why I had to do a lot of other s**t. I don’t want to make another Hov, but I did make a Kanye, a Cam’ron — pause — or help… What I did do is, the next year I started another company called Rachel Roy, and it generated over $100 million a year. So I did’t make another Hov, I made another $100 million company,” he explained.

“I wanna enlighten Fat Joe… I’ve heard him say things like, ‘I’m gonna open the door of the richest man in the room.’ That’s not me… No one ever wants to talk about the fact that I stopped Hip Hop music, retired and broke another vertical that no one knows about in the designer field. Do your research, and that’s Rachel Roy,” continued his remarks.

Dash would also go on to highlight the work he is doing to amplify the America Nu Network, a media distribution platform he founded. At the end of the day, he said that he and Joe are two different types of businessmen who simply do not speak the same language.

To hear Dash’s full comments, click the video below.