Today (Jan. 9), Bryson Tiller treated his fans to the first installment of his “Tiller Tuesdays” series, a short, hard-hitting drop titled “Lost Intro.” Taking a break from his usual R&B vibes, the Louisville, KY talent’s latest is full of raps about his status in the game, his many critics, and more.

“I found a pocket, leave it to the lost boys to say I lost it, I hear it all the time, but just a little too often, I think they all blind, they don’t see me at the top wit’ the bosses, they’d rather put me with the small fishes, they spun the block and came back to some carcasses, incarcerated, see this Presi’, beg your pardon, n**ga?”

In 2020, Tiller surged back to the top of the Billboard 200 via his third studio album, A N N I V E R S A R Y, which debuted at No. 5. The offering contained a modest 10 cuts and a single assist from Drake. A few months after its initial release, the “Don’t” singer dropped off a deluxe edition of A N N I V E R S A R Y with five additional cuts and an assist from Big Sean.

“This is an early anniversary gift from me to you. Thank you guys for five years of greatness. I’m blessed to be here,” said Tiller about his latest full-length LP, which was inspired after he began “digging through the T R A P S O U L archives.” “I found some really dope ideas that I started five years ago. And I want to present it to you guys like this. Happy anniversary.”

Press play on “Lost Intro” below. With more on the way, the “Tiller Tuesdays” series should hold the masses over until the arrival of Tiller’s long-awaited Serenity project.