Flo Milli is finally ready to close the chapter on a saga that has spanned one album (Fine Ho, Stay) and two mixtapes (Ho, Why Is You Here? and You Still Here, Ho?), to usher in a new and vulnerable era in conjunction with her next album.

Fans who have grown accustomed to experiencing her four dynamic alter egos — Florence Million, who was first introduced on her 2020 debut mixtape; Flo Jo, the extroverted and quick-witted rapper; Dirty Floana, the vengeful and sexy persona; and Flo Ski, the laid-back hippie skater girl vibe — will instead begin to get a look at who the 23-year-old Flo really is behind her many guises.

“Going forward, I feel like you’re just going to get deeper. How do I say this? Like, I feel [like] I’m unfolding like different parts of me that people didn’t know because I feel like a lot of people have tried to, like, put me in a box of being like one specific way,” she told Rolling Stone during an episode of their “Green Room” interview series.

“I feel like when I introduced myself to the world, it was at a certain phase in my life, and I feel like we [are] always changing. That’s what we [are] here to do,” Flo continued. “So it’s just showing them the growth and different parts of me that I’ve never shown the world because I am a very, like, private person… I like to protect my personality and everything about it because I know how I shine and people be hatin’.”

The Alabama native wrapped up her 16-city “Thanks for Coming Here, Ho Tour” on Nov. 13 with guest Maiya the Don. At the top of December, Flo released her new single, “Never Lose Me,” featuring Lil Yachty. Lucky fans were treated to a free streaming party for her latest offering on Friday (Dec. 8).

The rising female rapper debuted nearly a decade ago and has been making a name for herself ever since. She already has four RIAA-certified gold singles (“Conceited,” SNOT’s “Mean,” Baby Tate’s “I Am” and “Beef Flomix”) and a platinum plaque for “In the Party.”