Black love has the power to elevate. Actor Tyler Lepley is a strong believer of this.

“Black love is important for me,” he told REVOLT backstage ahead of his guest appearance on the first-ever live taping of “Black Girl Stuff” at REVOLT WORLD. “I go home to it every day, you know what I’m saying? We’re experiencing it right now. But, I also feel like in terms of the conversation that we see online, that we have with each other as just Black men and women, we’re very disconnected.”

It’s why he was honored to hit the stage with the hosts of the hit REVOLT show alongside fellow actor and rapper Joey Badass and thought-leader 19Keys to discuss how to change the culture’s narrative around it.

“It’s important to have these types of conversations at a space like REVOLT WORLD,” Lepley continued.

What else is vital to the “P-Valley” star is embodying Black love through the characters that he plays, whether that’s as Diamond in the popular Starz series or through his portrayal as Ian in Amazon Prime’s “Harlem” opposite Meagan Good.

“That’s who I am as a person, so any character that I play, I always try to make sure a bit of myself shines through,” Lepley continued. “One thing I always try to do or I always see my characters doing is being a protector of women, and Black women in particular, so it’s beautiful to see life imitate art.”

Lepley is willing to go to war for his sisters. “They are the backbone. They are the foundation,” the Philadelphia native expressed. “As a Black man, I’ll tell you straight up, that we are nothing without Black women. Y’all got to understand that. Y’all got to walk in that and realize that, and I’ll be here to protect y’all every step of the way and to be a spokesman for y’all.”