It’s no secret that the TikTok scene evolves rapidly. Because of this, rappers have found the app to be a strategic promotion tool that successfully boosts attention to their projects and expands their fanbase. TikTok has helped many popular songs land on the Billboard charts, such as Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” and Coi Leray’s platinum hit, “No More Parties.” It appears that when an artist drops a fire new record and attaches a 60-second dance to it, the likeliness of it going viral is promising.

Music aside, TikTok also allows creators to give their supporters an inside look into their day-to-day lives. Cardi B, for example, entertains her followers by giving a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to balance being a business mogul, international superstar, a wife, and a mother to her babies Kulture and Wave.

If you’re looking for rappers to follow on the platform, then look no further. We got you. Here are 11 of them you won’t regret following because of their entertaining content!

1. Cardi B


Life after Bongos get stuck in ya head 😂

♬ Bongos (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

From Vine to Instagram to TikTok, Cardi B has dominated social media with her boisterous content throughout her career. Whether she is parading a lavish outfit, promoting a new brand deal or being a domesticated housewife, her fans appreciate the look. Although the “I Like It” artist has a mega Instagram following where her viewers can watch her go live and double-tap her appealing photos, TikTok hosts the real meat and potatoes of her everyday life. The mom of two can be seen cooking for her family, putting on a random performance in the middle of a 7-11 convenience store, sharing her hair growth journey and engaging in other wholesome content.

2. Lil Yachty


I was itnorant as hell.. i aint gone lie .. @A Safe Place Pod

♬ original sound – lilyachty

With millions of followers on TikTok, Lil Yachty’s content is top-tier. His clips even include a few hilariously candid and entertaining scenes from his podcast “A Safe Place,” which features special guest appearances by Arrogant Tae and Sexyy Red. Beyond the podcast, the Atlanta rapper has landed several viral moments throughout the years on the social platform such as his infamous “bayang” video. These moments are a result of Lil Boat presenting his authentic self online and gaining support from those who appreciate his jovial humor. It can be challenging not to get lost in his feed since every video provides some sense of quality and comedy.

3. Coi Leray


♬ LIGHT IT UP – Lil Vada

If there were ever a rapper that could claim the “trendsetter” moniker, it would be Boston native Coi Leray. While her TikTok is typically home to her unique fashion style and trips around the globe, the platinum-hit artist was one of the first to discover the advantages of the video-sharing platform and successfully reap the benefits of viral dances. The “No More Parties” lyricist set off a multitude of trends that used her music, and the numbers don’t lie. The “Players” rapper seemingly has a knack for capturing her fanbase’s needs and creating movement in the most prosperous direction.

4. Lil Nas X


♬ original sound – lil nas x

One thing about the “Old Town Road” hitmaker is that he is going to give the people a look! You never know who or what you’re going to get on any given day, and his viewers love the anticipation. Although his wardrobe and characters rotate, Lil Nas X’s authenticity is constant. Between impersonating Lil Richard and Ice Spice to hilarious interactions with his adorable nephews, he’s earned every one of his millions of followers. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole on his TikTok profile because his content is genuinely comical. All jokes aside, the diamond-selling artist engages the most with his fanbase when he speaks about the ways that creativity is best curated: When we are unapologetically true to ourselves.

5. Megan Thee Stallion


I was outta gas but i kept goingggg 💪🏽 time to get back into it lol

♬ Cobra – Megan Thee Stallion

When the “Cobra” rap star graces TikTok with her presence, she gives insight into her fitness routines — because health is the real wealth — along other things. She shares her rigorous gym workouts with her viewers in addition to the challenges that she faces to maintain her natural curves. Whatever she’s doing is certainly working out well for her. Moreover, Megan shares sneak peeks at new songs and music videos.

6. DDG


the world’s most expensive vacation 🏝️ watch my snap asap @DDG #ddg #fyp

♬ Jumpin Like Jordan – DDG

DDG is hands down one of the most popular content creators. From Snapchat to TikTok, he shows it all in detail. His most favorite thing to flaunt Halle Bailey. In addition to her, he enjoys showing off how much money he spends on luxury items like shopping sprees, trips to private islands, jewelry and even a $1 million Rolls Royce truck for his birthday. Now and then, his feed gets a special appearance from his viral sensation of a nephew, Woo Wop. Not only is DDG consistent, but his content is pure quality. It’s easy for someone who looks up to the Michigan rap star to want to live like him in a sense.

7. Latto


Pretty’Arroqant LyssaPooh checkinn innn luh ho !! 😛 #fyp

♬ Wassup [Main] – The Rich Kidz

If Latto doesn’t do anything else, she is going to give the people some energy! The “Issa Party” rapper has a TikTok feed that is exciting and makes you want to be at the function with her. Side by side with her sister Brooklyn Nikole, Latto is either dancing, cooking or working — if not pulling off a combination of them all. The Atlanta emcee’s confident and carefree aura is the main attraction for her fanbase. She allows her supporters the opportunity to admire various situations of her life. Whether turning up with the gang, participating in viral TikTok challenges, traveling cross country or serving a look, the content is great.

8. Saweetie


I tried to do 60 secs idk what happened 😭 #fyp #whatsinmybag

♬ original sound – SAWEETIE 🖤

Saweetie is an influencer who has always emphasized the importance of being educated, fly and paid. Her TikTok profile is nothing short of that. She participates in a viral challenge every now and then like, “What’s in my bag?” Most importantly, she is going to show off the #NailTok every time! Saweetie is also best known for her unique food combinations. Videos of her promoting and pairing different food choices from her limited edition McDonald’s Saweetie Meal gained over 2 million views. What we can appreciate about Saweetie’s TikTok presence is that, regardless of the fame, she still enjoys having humble fun and kicking it with her friends just like the rest of us.

9. NLE Choppa




Although NLE Choppa is a man who prioritizes peace and wellness, the same intense energy he gives in his music will be the same energy that you find on his TikTok feed. His online antics hold the attention of millions of people as he is hilariously active on the video-sharing network. Between dancing and dropping a dope freestyle, Choppa can’t help but remain his charismatic self. In addition to the entertainment, he also uses the platform to his advantage by combining his humor with the promotion of new projects. Although Choppa is having fun, the business is still in motion and his supporters can respect his prosperous strategy.

10. Flo Milli


TOO FINE 💋 #BGC #toofine

♬ original sound – Flomilli

Flo Milli is one of those rappers who attract and exude hype energy. Her feed is a solid representation of that. She includes her friends, family and fans in her videos, which makes her content extremely enjoyable to watch. The “Too Fine” rhymer’s catchy songs and captivating look appeal to viewers. Additionally, her TikTok profile is a beneficial instrument when it comes to music promotion.

11. Jack Harlow


Out now everywhere

♬ Lovin On Me – Jack Harlow

Kentucky native Jack Harlow stole the hearts of many of his fans with his golden-brown locks and charm. His TikTok videos — often offering guest appearances by his adorable brown puppy — sometimes include his reactions at a few soccer games. Co-signed by Drake, the “First Class” emcee’s TikTok feed has an inviting presence that provides fun content.