It’s one thing to make it, but it’s even better when you get to bring your bestie along for the ride.

Over the past few years, Saucy Santana and Yung Miami have quickly become friendship goals by bringing fans into their world through hilarious Instagram Lives, viral TikToks, and stunning red-carpet moments. But, becoming Hollywoods IT gworls is something that is still very surreal to them.

“I literally remember, we was at the VMAs doing interviews and it was just such a proud moment,” Santana recalled backstage during the inaugural REVOLT WORLD. “Like, us two literally just walking down the strip, navigating interviews. We ain’t never thought we would become rappers so it’s surreal, but it’s a proud moment.”

In true best friend fashion, Santana was in attendance to support Yung Miami during her first-ever live taping of the hit series “Caresha Please” at the three-day event in Atlanta, GA.

“It’s real busy here,” he joked. “It’s a lot of fans, a lot of excited people so I just went to wish my best friend luck before she hit the stage.”

One of his most memorable moments with Yung Miami involved drinking tequila and playing pranks on a certain someone’s line. “Me and Caresha went to Copper Cove … we had drunk a whole bottle of Casamigos and the owner was looking at us like, ‘Is ya’ll okay? Like, it’s just two of y’all,’” Santana explained. “We drank the whole bottle and then went back to the hotel and played pranks on the phone. It’s always a fun time when we link up.”

Not only did he support Miami for her show, but the star also took to the stage and reminded fans of just how much he was born to perform. For Santana, it is a must to create music that authentically showcases himself.

“That’s just the type of person I am,” he shared when asked why it’s important to make music that is fun. “I don’t really like being depressed or, you know, sad or just miserable. I like to turn up, have fun, and just bring good vibes, good energy, so I just reflect that in my music.”

What’s more, although Santana has become quite a viral sensation across various social media platforms, he says don’t get it twisted because there’s always a message in what he does.

“I feel like everything I basically do is for my community,” said the “Material Girl” emcee. “Rapping wasn’t even a dream of mine, but once I stepped into it, I used my platform to go hard for the LGBTQ+ community. I put them in my music videos. I feature them. Everything that I do today involves my people. My best friend is even always performing on the stage with me.”

When it comes to legacy, Santana says he just wants the world to know that he remained real throughout it all. “I’m here. I’m loud and I’m proud and I’m just standing up for us,” he closed.