On Tuesday (Nov. 7), popular Democrat Andy Beshear was reelected to a second term as governor of Kentucky. During his victory speech, he decided to shout out a rapper that supported him throughout his campaign.

“Tonight, Kentucky made a choice. A choice not to move to the right or to the left, but a choice to move forward for every single family. A choice to reject Team R or Team D, and to state clearly that we are one Team Kentucky. A choice of Jack Harlow over Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” Beshear declared before the crowd cheered in response.

Earlier this month, Harlow stood alongside the governor during a rally at the University of Louisville. Upon being handed the mic, the Louisville emcee told a story about how their relationship began.

“I remember about a year ago, I was in Los Angeles shooting a movie and my phone rang,” he began. “He was just giving me a call. He didn’t want anything; he was checking on me. He was telling me he loved what I was doing, and for the last year and a half we’ve been staying in touch and having that type of relationship. It’s been very organic. We’ve been having dinners, getting to know each other. This is a hell of a stand-up guy right here, and I think you all are holding the right signs.”

Back in May, Beshear attended a ceremony that honored Harlow with a banner presented by the Greater Louisville Pride Foundation. “Just think about what he’s accomplished. He is Grammy-nominated and a multi-award-winning artist. He’s the only person that I ever met that hosted ‘Saturday Night Live,'” the politician said about the “First Class” rapper upon taking the podium. “Just think about the people that have never heard about Kentucky, that have never heard about Louisville, but — through his music — are introduced to us.”