NLE Choppa is not only consistently providing fans with music; giving back to the community is one of his top priorities as well. The 21-year-old rapper is continuing to take charge of his narrative as he embarks on spreading the importance of health and wellness with his YouTube channel, “Awakened Choppa,” and speaks out about topics that affect the Black community. The famed artist led a protest for Tyre Nichols after he lost his life following a brutal beating by Memphis police officers in January. “No justice, no peace, we gon’ skate for Tyre!” he chanted during the demonstration.

NLE Choppa is also giving back to college students. The Memphis star partnered up with Kevin Hart’s plant-based restaurant, Hart House, on Oct. 11 to host a “Study Break Sessions” event for the public, where he also served food. The first 50 students were able to get a free meal and 10 percent of the proceeds were donated to the LA Promise Fund’s Black College Success Initiative.

During the recent event, NLE Choppa chopped it up with REVOLT about why it’s important to give back, whether he agrees with hip hop veterans who’ve criticized the state of the music genre, which female rap artist is running things, the college he would attend if given the chance and much more.

Read the exclusive interview below to learn more about the young star.

What are your favorite items from the Hart House menu?

I would have to say the Nashville Nuggets are very good and the Hart House sauce that goes along with it. My team tried the milkshakes and they said it’s pretty good.

Why is giving back to the community important to you?

To be able to inspire people, especially the kids, is something I love to do – inspire people and help change the world.

You dropped “College Girls” this year and it’s going crazy on campuses. Do you wish you had the college experience and if so, what institution would you have gone to?

It would’ve been beautiful to have a college experience. I would’ve gone to an HBCU for sure. I don’t regret not having a college experience and I’m still young enough to go back.

What would’ve been your major?

I would say accounting or business. Anything that has to do with managing money.

Some hip hop veterans have criticized the current state of the genre. Why do you think they feel this way? What’s your opinion?

I feel there’s a steepness in rap music. I feel like we’re celebrating 50 years of the genre and we’re at a stage where God is making a shift with how music should be heard and processed. You have to go with the flow and that’s how I look at it. Hip hop is in a great space; it’s trying to find new people to run it.

Who do you feel is running hip hop right now?

I would say Sexyy Red. She’s doing her thing and has a great wave going. Her music is fun and she’s getting people moving. People love her.

Can fans expect another collaboration with you and Sexyy Red?

Outside of the “Slut Me Out (Remix),” I would love to do more stuff in the future.

Describe the NLE Choppa sound.

I would say I’m versatile. You can’t expect anything from me. You can’t predict the sound I’m going to come out with.

Is there a genre you would love to tap into outside of rap?

I’m a musician at the end of the day; I’m an artist and I love all types of music.

What would be an “out of the norm” collaboration you’d be into?

I would love to work with artists like Drake, Bad Bunny, and Davido… I would love to do some crossover records.

In light of all the hip hop 50 celebrations this year, do you feel like the culture received proper recognition?

Hell yea… All the flowers we gave [Lil Wayne] this year and even the flowers I gave Nelly. The awards did a great job — from the BET Awards to the Grammy Awards. It’s been a beautiful year for hip hop.

Did Nelly approve your record “It’s Getting Hot”?

He loved the song, and I feel he was happy I even thought about him to do the record and sampled the song. We received great feedback and performed it at the VMAs, so it’s been great moments.

Name one artist you’re proud to see take off and explain why.

Sexyy Red – to meet her in person and feel her vibe, she’s a cool girl and has kids she’s feeding. She has female rap on her back right now.

What’s something you learned from another celebrity?

I learned to save my money. I learned that from a lot of athletes.

You show off your children so much. What’s the best part about being a dad?

The best part is to see them live (laughs). Seeing them smile and be in my presence is always a treat. I take fatherhood very seriously.

What did you always want as a kid but didn’t receive until you became an adult?

I always wanted to have kids (laughs). I always gravitated toward kids at an early age… I would always want to be someone’s big brother and I’ve always tried to be that type of person.

What are three things you feel you MUST accomplish in your career?

Multiple awards from the Grammys, BET, and the Oscars. I would also say multiple No. 1 records as well as solidifying myself as the greatest. Those are my three main priorities.

If you wanted a guaranteed No. 1 record, which artist would you put on the track?

I would say Drake. I always wanted to work with him.

What artist would you say has unapologetically talked their s**t and continuously let the Choppa sing with every record?

I would go with Lil Wayne.

Which other industries would you like to venture into?

I’ve been doing a lot of acting lately, so being in movies would be great. I would also love to be more involved in fashion as well as a lifestyle guru.

Who is one of your favorite actors?


What thespian would you love to do a television show or movie with?

Will Smith and Denzel Washington.

Health is a top priority for you. Does wellness keeps you grounded?

Fasting really helps me create a process of elimination detox, so I would say that.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fruit – specifically watermelon.