Joey Badass is more than meets the eye.

The Brooklyn native is a true Renaissance man, taking the world by storm through his artistry whether it’s by being an Oscar award-winning actor or laying down rhymes as a popular emcee.

For him, life is all about forward movement and his own journey is proof of it. “I feel like anything that is stagnant dies, so I take progression and growth very seriously,” the talent told us backstage at the inaugural REVOLT WORLD. “Even if I’m just getting one percent better every day, you know, it’s progress.”

During the first-of-its-kind event held in Atlanta, Joey used his own expertise to have thought-provoking conversations about love and relationships in a special live taping of the network’s hit series, “Black Girl Stuff.”

“I’m just excited to have a nice free-flowing conversation,” said the “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” star. “I’m an advocate for our Black nation and the progression of that. So, we’re gonna speak about a lot of things regarding Black love and I think Black love and Black union is key toward progressing our nation forward.”

He definitely remained true to his word because gems were dropped during his conversation with hosts Akilah Ffriend, Kennedy Rue, Tori Brixx, Britt Hall, and Brii Renee.

While fellow panelists like 19Keys hit the ground running with his take on splitting things 50/50, Joey divulged why the culture should focus on topics outside of infidelity when it comes to Black relationships.

“I just find it interesting that we are the only race having this conversation,” was his response when asked, “What are the situations in which it is possible for a man to cheat?”

He continued: “I feel like I speak for a lot of people when I say this; I am so ready to move on from this lower vibration and get back to building and progressing our nation.” To Keys’ point earlier, less conversations about cheating and more conversations about healing. This is just perpetuating these toxic issues.”

Along with Joey and 19Keys, fellow actors Tyler Lepley and Quincy Brown also joined in on the conversation and broke down the difference between sex and intimacy. They also reiterated the importance of Black love.