Today (Nov. 3), Megan Thee Stallion marked her official return to wax with “Cobra,” a bass-heavy cut that was produced by Bankroll Got It, Derrick Milano, and Shawn “Source” Jarrett. The track saw the Houston talent coming clean to fans about her battles with mental health, reliance on alcohol, and what led to a relationship breakup.

“I got problems, never thought a b**ch like me would ever hit rock bottom, man, I miss my parents, way too anxious, always cancel my plans, pulled up, caught him cheatin’, gettin’ his d**k sucked in the same spot I’m sleepin’, lord, give me a break, I don’t know how much more of this s**t I can take, how long you been worried ’bout me, tellin’ people that’s not me? Honestly, it kinda feel like you plottin’, watchin’, why is you speakin’ on me at my lowest when you acted like you ain’t noticed?”

“Cobra” came with a Douglas Bernardt-directed visual that showed Thee Stallion delivering her transparent lyrics from the mouth of a CGI-generated snake. She could also be seen breaking out in synchronized moves with a crew of dancers.

Since the video’s release, Megan’s fans have provided an outpouring of support for the Tina Snow talent. “Meg was able to utilize art to such a high degree,” said Twitter user MarquiseDavon. “The use of rock music is historically rebellious and feels the same here… The shedding of skin, paparazzi, and her lyricism is immaculate.”

Another user, DaricCott, added, “The visuals… The people filming and taking photos of her while she sheds her skin represents her being under the scrutiny of the public eye while simply living her life like any other human.” Many others agreed by giving unique takes on the song, Megan’s life, and how toxic the industry can be as a whole. Check out some additional reactions to “Cobra” below.