Alexis Skyy is sharing her very personal journey in hopes of saving the next Black woman.

During the first-ever REVOLT WORLD in September, Skyy took the stage for a timely panel titled “Dangerous Black girl magic: Now you see her, now you don’t.” The conversation, hosted by global news anchor Mara S. Campo, highlighted the issue of unaccounted for Black women and girls, and how it is plaguing the country.

Through women like Skyy, who opened up about being a survivor of sex trafficking, the audience was able to get a firsthand account regarding the alarming amount of Black women and girls who go missing daily.

“We don’t really bring awareness to how many African Americans are really missing,” Skyy told REVOLT backstage following the panel. “After seeing the statistics today, I didn’t realize how many girls are still missing. It reminded me that we don’t pay attention or we pay attention to all the wrong things in life.”

What’s more, Skyy recalled her own story as a sex trafficking survivor, noting that as a teen runaway, she was set up by a supposed friend. Under the impression that she was going to become a waitress, Skyy was instead held and abused in a house full of women.

“This was my life every day,” the now-reality star explained, sharing details about having her belongings stripped away and being sold in a nightclub within a day of being taken. “I think it was any woman’s biggest nightmare. Just being held against your will and having to do things with older men — and I wasn’t even developed yet.”

Other panelists like Melanie Thompson took the stage as well and shared chilling accounts of surviving sex trafficking. Black and Missing Foundation co-founders Derrica and Natalie Wilson also joined the conversation and broke down the layers of why so many Black women and girls go missing.

“Today just taught me a lot because I was a victim of human trafficking,” Skyy continued in the conversation with REVOLT backstage. “I feel like we all have to come together as a community and do better. We use social media to post everything else, so let’s post these girls. Let’s find them. There may be hope that they’re still alive.”