It was reported that back in July, three people died and a fourth became critically sick after allegedly being served poisonous mushrooms during a family lunch in Leongatha, Australia.

On Thursday (Nov. 2) morning, the host, Erin Patterson, was arrested. Victoria state police issued a search warrant at her house with the help of technology detector dogs. That was where her husband’s parents, Gail and Don Patterson, both 70 years old, Gail’s sister, Heather Wilkinson, 66, and her husband, Ian Wilkinson, 68, got together. All four guests were hospitalized the day after the luncheon. Ian, a local pastor, is the only one who survived. According to BBC News, he had to get a liver transplant.

“Today’s arrest is just the next step in what has been a complex and thorough investigation by Homicide Squad detectives and one that is not yet over,” Victoria Police Detective Inspector Dean Thomas told reporters. He added that the investigation was the subject of “incredibly intense” media and public interest. “I think it is particularly important that we keep in mind that at the heart of this, three people have lost their lives… A tragedy such as this can reverberate for years to come,” Thomas continued.

Erin was previously taken in for questioning at the time of the incident but was later released. In a public statement provided back then, she denied all of the allegations made against her. “I am now devastated to think that these mushrooms may have contributed to the illness suffered by my loved ones,” she said. “I really want to repeat that I had absolutely no reason to hurt these people, whom I loved.” Thomas revealed that it wasn’t clear what type of mushrooms the guests ate, but their symptoms were reportedly consistent with being exposed to a death cap, which is a deadly poisonous basidiomycete fungus.