Today (Nov. 2), TMZ published a video showing a recent run-in with Latto at Los Angeles International Airport. During the short exchange, the reporter asked her about the hit single “Seven,” her collaboration with K-pop star Jung Kook. On Oct. 30, the infectious number became the fastest song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify.

“Crazy, surreal,” she said in reaction to the huge accomplishment. “Thinking about how the song even came about is crazy. It kind of just fell in my lap. I lost my best friend this year, and I really be feeling like it’s him really making sure I’m straight.” The Georgia star then revealed that another song with the BTS member is in the works. “We’re already talking. I got a song I want Jung Kook on,” she added.

Released back in July, “Seven” is centered around pleasuring your partner every day of the week — a notion that Latto made clear on the song’s standout verse. “Tightly take control, tightly take his soul, take your phone and put it in the camera roll, leave them clothes at the door, what you waitin’ for? Better come and hit ya goals, he jump in it, both feet, goin’ ’til the sun up, we ain’t gettin’ no sleep,” she rapped on the garage-inspired effort.

When asked about the international exposure received from the Andrew Watt and Cirkut-produced offering, Latto said, “They call them the Army, his fans. They don’t play. I be seeing them all up under my pictures, and comments and stuff. Hopefully, I get booked in Asia soon,” she explained. “I think it’s opened a lot of doors… I got my first [MTV Video Music Award] from this song with J.K. That’s probably like the biggest thing, but just seeing my reach start to spread globally, that’s super cool. Artist goals.”

Check out Latto’s interview with TMZ below.