During his “Big Facts” live taping at REVOLT WORLD, YG opened up about his dreams like never before. He’s been rapping since he was a teen, but despite having what most would call a successful career, he feels like there’s more to be done.

“I be telling myself, like, by the time I’m at least 40, I gotta have like the $100 million house. A Grammy, I feel like I got played off my first album, the classic… I was supposed to get my nomination and s**t, but I ain’t get it. But when Nip[sey Hussle] got his nomination for Victory Lap and s**t, me and bro talked and he was like, ‘This s**t for you.’ I’m like, ‘For sure!”

He continued, “I just want to have a long, successful, consistent rap career … The music open the doors to everything else. So, if I’m consistent with the music I’m making, I’m putting out great s**t, having hits … being me, doors going to open up and I’m just going to go capitalize off all that s**t.”

The “Platinum” artist then shared how he wants to elevate his brand and do the unexpected. He admitted that he would like to collaborate with Bruno Mars on a track.

“It just depends on like … your expectations and like what type of career you want to have ‘cause like I ain’t gonna lie, I’m telling n**gas right now like, ‘I want a record with Bruno Mars, n**ga!’”

Some would consider a song with the “That’s What I Like” singer an attempt to crossover, but the west coast native assured the audience that he plans to always remain authentic, which led to YG sharing that he’s been in a transformative era for some years now.

“I honestly feel like I [have] been going through that s**t like the past few years, but it ain’t no I’m trying like go pop,” he said firmly.

In addition, the artist disclosed that although he’s made a few classic songs already, he still hasn’t reached his peak in music. “I feel like I definitely made some of my best music, but I feel like I ain’t done,” he added.

When asked about his upcoming album, YG didn’t share any details but noted that it will be something special since the 10-year anniversary of his inaugural album, My Krazy Life, is coming up.

He said, “My Krazy Life[‘s] 10th anniversary is March 2024. So, yeah, I got like a cold battery in my back. My next project is coming out next, so it got it be like that.”

In the meantime, there are some new business ventures on the horizon that the “Who Do You Love” rapper will announce in the near future. “I’m focused on myself, my brand you know what I’m saying? I got some TV and film s**t I’m finna announce real soon that’s big,” he revealed.