Mike Jones says he is “standing on business” amid ongoing confusion surrounding the copyright of one of his songs that NLE Choppa recently used in a freestyle. The Cottonwood 2 artist sampled an interpolation of Jones’ 2005 hit “Still Tippin’” for his “Cmon Freestyle,” which was released last week.

On Sunday (Oct. 29), Jones literally wrote, “STANDING ON BUSINESS,” in the caption when he shared a screenshot seemingly of the Memphis rapper’s “Cmon Freestyle” video at the center of the growing online spectacle. “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Chappell,” reads the message on the screen.

The 20-year-old artist raised eyebrows when he tweeted on Saturday (Oct. 28), “I [don’t] know if it’s Mike Jones or his team, but on everything, y’all dead wrong for trying to copyright a song I got cleared. That’s some hating s**t, especially for a young n**ga like me that’s just tryna please his fans. I [don’t] feel that. I lost dumb respect, but it’s cool, fasho!”

Jones previously responded to the call out elsewhere on social media, writing, “Don’t care about getting respect, especially if the respect wasn’t shown [four] months ago prior to releasing the music without getting the business clear! I told y’all #Welcome2TheMusicBusiness.”

This summer, Choppa turned heads when he paid homage to Nelly with his spin on the St. Louis star’s 2002 smash hit “Hot in Herre.” The rising talent copied Nelly’s attire, recreated scenes from the video, and used parts of the song’s melody and hook for his version of the song, “It’s Getting Hot.” Choppa seemingly earned the Grammy winner’s approval when Nelly joined him onstage at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

Last weekend, Choppa was making headlines for a completely different reason when his mother, Angela Potts, expressed concern for his safety after losing contact with him on Oct. 20. “I ain’t talked to this boy in hours, and he usually doesn’t do this… If y’all hear from him, please contact me ASAP. To the fans he wants to please, thanks a lot,” she wrote in a since-deleted plea for help.

He would later resurface online, telling fans that he was okay and simply needed to take care of himself and get back to his roots.