Today (Oct. 26) on “Big Facts,” DJ Scream, Big Bank and Baby Jade discussed life post-penitentiary with Uncle Dee. In addition to being CEO of Hit House Management, the OG is Rod Wave’s uncle and played a major role in the “Heart on Ice” emcee’s successful music career.

The triumphant mentor experienced the music industry at one point in time, as well. Unfortunately, he had to serve 10 years in federal prison after being convicted of conspiracy. As a result, he was temporarily knocked off the scene. Upon his release, Rod Wave played a song for him while he was working at Hooters, and at that moment his talented ear recognized that his nephew was up next. And he was right.

While incarcerated, Uncle Dee endured his daughter’s untimely passing due to pancreatic cancer. A fatal car accident claimed his son’s life shortly after returning home. It was a sensitive subject for the Chicago native as Baby Jade briefly consoled him before moving to the next topic. He expressed how his children motivate him the most to reach out to the youth in the streets to encourage them as well as redirect some of their decisions. “You ain’t bigger than El Chapo. Get you a little business and get out the way. I try to teach them all that,” the successful talent manager explained.

Furthermore, he shared the names of two new artists he’s working with: OMN Esheezy and OMN Dolla Bill. “They’re going to be stars. They up next, real talented kids,” Dee shared. Additionally, he showed appreciation for other CEOs and artists like REVOLT Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs followed by Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas, and Lil Baby.

Although doing business with family members has its pros and cons, Uncle Dee emphasized that Rod Wave is family first. As his manager, he reiterated that money isn’t a primary factor between the two. He doesn’t charge Rod Wave fees like a manager to the client, but rather unc to nephew.

Moreover, DJ Scream wanted to know if there was anything the management director would change about his journey, to which Dee declined. He’s appreciative of the life events that have taken place over the years because it’s got him to where he is and made him who he is today.

Dee mentioned a cousin who served time with him on the same conspiracy charge. The unnamed family member has come up with a system that is essential to inmates and the way they can communicate with loved ones more efficiently and promptly. “All of us came out good in this s**t, me and [cousin]. Hell nah I wouldn’t change nothing,” he replied.

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