A viral debate has been brewing with celebrities weighing in alongside other social media users. The question is whether you would take $500,000 or share a meal with JAY-Z. The topic has been hashed out on the internet since 2021, but it got new life this week when Hov, himself, fielded the question from Gayle King on her morning show.

The Roc Nation founder stated that the smart choice would be to take the cash. In his opinion, he shares his wisdom in his music, so any education he could impart is already freely available in his discography. He stated, “It’s all there if [you] piece it together and really listen to the music for the words, for what it is. It’s all there.”

On IG, Ray J was blunt when posting his response to the question. He stated his belief that relationships were much more valuable than money and he would have taken the dinner.

He does admit that this would not be the right answer for everyone. “If you need the bread, take the bread like JAY said and listen to the raps.” For those who are looking for solid connections and the ability to take their career to the next level, however, the opportunity for relationship-building is worth more.”

While JAY-Z may believe taking the money is the right choice, Ray J has other celebrities on his side. Rick Ross also believes that taking the dinner over the cash is a smart move. He recounted a lunch he shared with Jigga in 2008 that gave him the push he needed to step up to a higher level as both a writer and artist.

Ross does qualify his statement, mentioning that the advice offered is only as good as your ability to use it. For those who are ready to put in the work, however, the advice is priceless.