The new year is still a few months out, but 2024 is already shaping up to be a massive one for music. After years of hearing fans’ pleas to make amends and reunite as the musical trio TGT, Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese are doing just that.

The news was shared by each of the men in a video captured in Ginuwine’s dressing room on Friday (Oct. 20) at the R&B Music Experience concert in Tampa, Florida, where they were each billed as performers. “All bull**it aside, all business aside, in real life, I love you brothers in real life,” said Tank with his bandmates by his side. “And I want nothing but the best for you all personally, and I want nothing but the best for the R&B universe.”

“The way we seal that legacy… the only way to seal that legacy is to bring this motherf**ker back,” he continued as those around the three men erupted into screams and cheers of excitement. The “R&B Money Podcast” co-host then turned his attention to Tyrese, inquiring about the “$15 million question” regarding how they would split their earnings. “Three splits down the middle all across the board,” said Tyrese, who was previously accused of taking a bigger cut due to his status as a box office actor.

The three men formed the supergroup in 2007 as friends, but in 2013, they solidified themselves as a collective force when they embarked upon a career as an official trio. They released one album, Three Kings, and multiple hit singles before disagreements over the breakdown of their earnings and other issues forced them to disband.

In the comment section of Tank’s post, Tyrese wrote, “This wasn’t planned. It was clear that God knew you were the only one [who] could speak so clearly and specifically the way you did. Wow, just wow. It really happened.” He also announced that a “Ladies Only” tour and new album are in the works for next year.

In a two-part episode of Tank and co-host J. Valentine’s podcast, Tyrese spoke about brokering a new record deal for the group — the only element missing was Ginuwine agreeing to reunite. However, in his Instagram post, the Bachelor artist made it clear that he was fully on board.

He wrote, “I knew it would happen; I just want it to be perfect for each and every individual. We come together to say we are kings, so let’s move forward. I appreciate the love we get; now let’s go!” He went on to leave a comment, declaring that the forthcoming project will be the best R&B album ever. Fans don’t doubt that as a fact, either, judging by their reactions. See the full video of the reconciliation below.